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Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done)

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Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done) Empty Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done)

Post by HongKongBrewey on Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:54 pm

Identity: Unknown

Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done) Latest?cb=20180518230703

Name:  Harry Mason
Hero Name: Blacklight
Age: 20
Birthday: January 15th 1998
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Unaffiliated (Vigilante)

Physical Attributes

Height:  5'7''
Weight:  162lbs
Hair: Bedraggled and unkempt copper brown hair, dangling limply from his scalp and ending just above his ear lobes. Usually hidden beneath some kind of hat.
Eyes:  Hazel brown eyes, thin and tired, with dark moons beneath the lower eyelid and lashes that are long enough to belong to a girl.
Physical Structure:
Harry is a short averagely built human, with slight pudge collecting above the hips and little muscle to speak of. He is, in every way, utterly normal. Constantly aware of his own hunched posture Harry overcompensates; sometimes remaining hunched and sometimes curving his spine backwards and sticking his stomach out, it is rare for Harry to assume proper posture unsuited.

High cheekbones that sit a little too far forward give his face a rosy cheeked and youthful appearance, his smile turning those cheekbones into perfectly round bumps. Between the eyes sits a nose that from the front is unremarkable, but from the side has a noticeable hook to its ridge, with a tip that is only slightly bulbous and pocked by persistent black heads. With no jawline to speak of and a chin that slopes down into his neck Harry has an overall feminine air, were it not for the sparse black wires sprouting haphazardly from his chin you wouldn't be remiss to assume him a woman.

Thin fingered hands end in short stubby nails, Harry's nervous habit of biting them wearing them down to nubs. Often the edge of his nails are scabbed over, his anxiousness causing him to bite them until they bleed and bite at the skin when there is no nail to gain purchase upon.

Clothing & Style:
Harry cares very little for his appearance, and because of the nature of his Quirk has a miniscule wardrobe that consists of several t-shirts with various designs that depict anything from his favorite shows and superheroes to bands and phrases. Any one of these shirts could be utilized, but they're almost always accompanied by a pair of jeans, each pair the same as the last with only one or two coming in darker or slightly lighter shade of blue. To compliment the ensemble he wears big black boots that add a subtle inch to his height, or flat and comfortable converse for when he feels more comfortable with himself.

Several beanie hats feature in his outfit of choice, ranging from black to grey, each as nondescript as the last as their purpose is for function rather than style; simply to hide his hair.

Hero Outfit:
Harry's vigilante outfit is a mixture of his own ideal self and the mysterious aesthetic sense of the Quirk itself. Besides underwear Harry rarely wears his own clothes as his quirk can take the form of any article(s) of clothing it desires, it's colors limited to black and red. Most often the quirk takes the form of a large black winter coat with red lining, though Harry also has a preference for a simple black hoodie with red slashes across the back, starting at either shoulder and slicing toward the arch of his back.

The suit that Harry wears for vigilante work appears skin tight, though the quirk alters it's shape and mass to mimic the look of lean hard muscle, even adding several inches worth of height to Harry's frame, bringing him up to 5'10''. Though Harry has no physical might of his own the suit handles all of the effort for him, relying on Harry only for his reaction times and intelligence. Across the chest of the suit, starting at either shoulder and ending at his sternum are two large red slashes, beneath which is a crimson band around his waist to mimic a belt and separate his upper body from his bottom.

The mask covering Harry's face has a single red slash from the top down to the middle of his forehead, with a pair of menacing white and brown slits for eyes. The quirk thickens into a hard mass around his jaw, providing a cushion for incoming blows and squaring out his face and chin. The lower face of the mask is split into a series of vertical, vaguely mouth shaped holes beneath the nose. These holes, bizarrely, show nothing of the human features beneath, instead having the same glistening white texture of Harry's eyeballs. Both Harry's eyes and mouth, while suited, give off a faint glow.

Hard diamond shaped knuckles adorn Harry's gloves, offering both protection and extra damage when fighting, and his feet, fingers, and heels are all tipped in razor sharp claws.

Psychological Profile

Harry has a roaring passion and a deep half-mumbled voice with which to express it, his lack of confidence hampering his every move.

Working as a social-media consultant for clients ranging from local businesses to pro-heroes Harry makes his own hours, rarely venturing from his humble one-room apartment during the daylight unless its to grab a coffee or meet a client. A slightly skittish and anti-social young man, he doesn't deal well with other people, preferring to avoid them as much as possible. But his reactive-over-proactive nature has helped him to cope well enough with social situations in which he isn't required to carry a conversation single-handed.

Easily startled, Harry is prone to meltdowns and panic attacks when he feels overwhelmed, typically when overstimulated or spread thin. Because of this he does his best to avoid situations that require him to split his focus, working best with a singular goal or conversation.

While suited Harry exudes a sinister confidence, his quirk adapting to all of his insecurities and needs to provide the perfect means of expression without the intimidating factor of being identified. While suited it's easier for Harry to speak his mind and his youth often gets ahead of him making him overbearing and brash. The awkwardness is still there though, muddling the thoughts and garbling his communication skills when he gets overexcited.

In many ways Harry is an incredibly empathetic person, but at his core is apathy and though he tries his best he finds it hard to identify with his fellow man. This flaw is worsened while suited as he tends to have very little sympathy for the criminals he attacks, nor the heroes that attempt to stop him.

Harry isn't looking to change the world, he has accepted that his way of thinking is old and unpopular. All he wants is to be left alone so that he can embody his idea of what a hero should be in peace. Sadly his tendency to get carried away with that ideal is counter-intuitive to that ideal and he often becomes the target of sanctioned heroes looking to put him in his place.

Quirk: Parasite

Quirk Type: Emitter-Transformation Hybrid
Power of Ability:
Parasite is an external mass of black and red goo that requires fluid to maintain its integrity. This fluid can be external, like bottled water, or it can come from the quirk user themselves as the quirk absorbs their blood, sweat, saliva, or any other bodily fluids. The danger of this is evident when no immediate source of fluids is in the vicinity, the quirk is forced to suck the user dry as the longer it goes without moisture the more likely it is to fall apart.

As long as the quirk is well hydrated it can shape its mass and alter its texture into virtually anything, and extend itself at least 50 feet from the quirk user. Effective combat range for the quirk is 20 feet, anything more than that and its structure becomes too weak to sustain itself for more than a couple of seconds. Additionally, the quirk must be physically attached to the quirk user at all times, once removed it becomes an almost useless glob of goo, able only to drag itself slowly across surfaces like a slug. The quirk can be removed in parts or as a whole by drying it out.

Once removed the quirk must be provided with moisture or it will dry out and die. It must also be attached to a living creature within 48 hours or it will expire regardless of moisture.

Due to its nature as a "removable" quirk Parasite may be passed along or inherited, though it cannot choose its own host unless forcibly removed by anyone other than its current host or if its current host passes away.

Parasite also has a consciousness, an intelligence born from the collective suffering of its previous hosts. Parasite draws its life force not only from fluids, but from negativity. When searching for new hosts it typically priorities those with mental illnesses, troubled pasts, severe addictions, and so on. Harry is the first host to have inherited Parasite by birth and the quirk has become a demented parental figure to better protect and prey on Harry. Whether its feelings for Harry are genuine or not remains to be seen.

Harry and Parasite can communicate with each other privately and publicly. When conversing in private everything takes place within Harry's mind, his inner monologue merging with Parasites. When Parasites voice must be heard by a third party the mass of goo takes the form of a pair of lithe draconic heads with thin squinting eyes and long razor fangs, though they may shape themselves as they or Harry sees fit.


Years ago, when quirks had only begun to emerge, a young girl was born. An absent father and emotionally distant mother didn't make for a great childhood, but at the age of five the girl found a friend. Her quirk, that of an invisible entity, kept her company and spoke soothing words. For years this child would talk to herself, preferring to sit alone and mumble rather than play with other children. Her mother, worried that people would question her ability as a parent, tried every form of discipline she could think of. The timeouts didn't help, her child would only talk to the imaginary friend she'd invented. Taking away toys proved unfruitful, her child was perfectly happy playing make believe with the air. Doctors hadn't yet determined the source or nature of quirks, so their analysis wasn't of any use either. Starvation wouldn't keep her daughter from talking to herself. Neither would the screaming, the yelling, the name calling. The bruises only made it worse as her daughter retreated into herself. Smiled less. As she developed her classmates took advantage of her quiet and reclusive personality. The names, the yelling, the bruises, she wasn't safe at school or at home.

Over time the girls quirk blackened, first it was nothing more than a haze, a shadow, but eventually the color became solid. Worried that her friend would be taken from her the girl hid it. Under her bed, her pillow, in her backpack. At some point she learned to shape the quirk to make it easier to hide, first into a simple ball, then a pillow, then a coat, a backpack, a skirt, shoes. It could be anything she wanted to be. But it kept getting blacker.

As she grew, her little broken mind, so did the quirk. The older she got the less her mother could do to her, but the other children were always ready, always hatching new methods of torture. One day the girl made a wish; that the boy who kept pulling her hair, hitting her, calling her names, would die. The quirk obliged. This girl became one of the first quirk-based criminals, though nobody knew it at the time.

With very little evidence against her she remained free, killing abusive boyfriends, bitchy rivals, and perverted club gropers. It wasn't long until quirks began to become more widespread, but by that point it was too late. Unable to defeat the fiery quirk of her latest boyfriend she was murdered in her apartment. But her quirk remained. It slithered from her corpse and waited, attaching itself to the first officer on the scene.

Over the next few decades, as the world educated itself about quirks Parasite jumped from host to host. Every host taught it something new, expanded its intelligence. Sadly the trend of broken minds continued and each host usually met a swift end shortly after inheriting Parasite. The cycle of death, as well as the occasional introduction of additional quirks, gave Parasite the ability to feed on negativity. It began to target the downtrodden, the angry, the bitter, the mentally unsound. Eventually it found a quirk-less man named David Mason, a starving artist, depressed and angry that his comedy routine couldn't get further than dingy barely-occupied alleyway bars.

Parasite was content to feed on that hopelessness, saw opportunity in David's unborn child, compelled him with invasive thoughts to do heinous things. By the time Harry was born his family was all but torn apart. When David's alcoholism killed him the parasite slithered onto his son, barely even old enough to form memories. It saw something in Harry that reminded it of the little girl it was born with, perhaps it was simply the fact that Harry was the first child Parasite had attached itself to since then, but somehow it began to fill the void left behind in Harry's heart. It encouraged him him, protected him, made him happy just as it had done for the girl all those years ago.

Harry Mason
For 19 years Parasite kept Harry on the edge of breaking-point, torn between making the boy miserable and wanting to make him the happiest child alive. When Harry's mother wasn't there for him, Parasite was. When he cried, Parasite whispered soothing words. When he was sick Parasite cared for him. When he was lonely Parasite comforted him. All while feeding off of his abandonment issues. His ill health. His loneliness. His tears.

Shortly after their union Parasite made itself known to Harry, introduced itself as his quirk. Since then Harry has learned the ins and outs of his new ability, even going so far as to join a public hero academy. Parasites tales of a time when heroes jumped into the fray unbidden and risked their lives without thanks or praise fueled his desire to become a beacon of justice. But what he encountered did not match with what he expected. "Fame, fortune, glory," Parasite told him. "Are not the ideals heroes should strive for. These whelps are in it for the money and the flashing lights. They have no honor."

Harry remained in that academy as long as it took for him to absorb everything he needed to know about combat and quirk control, he dropped out shortly before graduation. Since then he's worked his way up by slaving away at grocery stores, corner shops, and factories, all while building his own skills as a media consultant. Many of his old friends from school became clients of his, allowing him to handle their social media presences, and eventually helping him to earn enough money to do it full time. With the ability to set his own hours he works as Harry Mason, quirkless Media Consultant by day, and Blacklight, unregulated vigilante hero by night.

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Post by HongKongBrewey on Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:14 pm

This is done~

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Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done) Empty Re: Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done)

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Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done) Approv10

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Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done) Empty Re: Harry "Blacklight" Mason, Vigilante. (Done)

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