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I.K.O, Villain, Finished Empty I.K.O, Villain, Finished

Post by Iko on Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:42 pm

Identity: I.K.O

Name:  Davey
Villain Name: Innocence Killer Ouroboros
Age:  23
Birthday:  January 1st. 1995.
Gender:  Male.
Alignment:  Villain

Physical Attributes

Height:  170cm
Weight:  80Kg
Hair: White
Eyes:  Blue
Physical Appearance:


I.K.O, Villain, Finished Sans.600.1976713

Davey is of medium build individual and is usually found with his hands in his pockets. Always found slouching but with a peculiar grin on his face. The smile juxtaposes against then way the man slouches, as if he is compelled to feign happiness by some force, suffice to say it’s creepy.

Outside of that, his skin is pale revealing a myriad of scars of bite marks and claw marks in his flesh. Davey prefers to wear a white shirt and black jacket with a white fur collar. He lacks any obvious piercings however there is a continuous tattoo of an ouroboros - an ornate snake with gleaming scales consuming itself, running the length of his body. The tattoo is a medium of his quirk and can be seen physically rotating on his skin as if slowly constricting tighter and tighter.

Navy slim-fit jeans are the Villain’s preferred legwear with the outline of a lighter visible in the right pocket. The jeans are supported by a simple black belt that is tightly pulled around his waist. On his feet he wears simple boots as he sees laces as being a waste of time.

Hero Outfit: Nothing, Davey's costume is his transformation.

Psycological Profile


Child-like on the surface, Davey is a sociopath. A side effect of his unique quirk has stripped him of empathy and he likes to pretend he cares but . . . he just can't. The villain is always looking to get into your head, while not obviously manipulative his lack of communication and penchant for emotive body language is obviously an attempt to disarm those he talks to. Davey's mind is well and truly broken and most assume that he is "two" personalities - the man who happily smiles and takes his contracts from his benefactors and the beast he becomes when he activates his power. The truth is, there is no distinction between "Davey" and "Iko" they are the same, he just opts to pretend to be mute.


Davey would prefer if there was nobody breathing on the Earth but himself. Unfortunately he isn't nearly powerful enough and also he's being constantly watched. So for now, he's sort-of content with completing the menial crimes that are ordered of him and sewing mindless terror however, he wants to be free. He would love his freedom back.

Quirk: Ouroboros

Quirk Type: Transformation
Power of Ability:

Summary: Enhanced Strength and Perception + Timed Ethereal Form.

Davey's quirk turns him into a monster with enhanced strength and senses. Ouroboros is activated by the user “breaking the loop” of the tattoo that manifests on their body with a flame that manifests on their hands. Ouroboros requires the user to feed on victims to maintain the longevity of the form, this correlates to the tattoo’s size on the users body. The bigger the tattoo, the more victims the user has consumed and therefore the longer the ability can be used before expiring. The monster also gains the ability to become ethereal for a limited time.  


I.K.O, Villain, Finished Iko_ed10

The Beast known as IKO manifests as black smoke that seeps from Davey's pores wherever he chose to break the tattoo. The smoke rapidly coats the surface of the man's body morphing him into a Gorilla-like creature with reptilian skin. The creatures weight does not change but the body towers at 250cm in height. The claws of Iko are sharp like knives and are double the length of regular fingers, however they are triple jointed for extra dexterity. The only other noticeable features about the transformation is the lack of eyes that been replaced with three fine slits for each eye and the head that has been turned into a gleaming skull often with a huge toothy grin.


Part I


‘Why does he not speak?”

“Can’t be sure, he just smiles, perhaps you did too much talking for him when he was younger?”

“Davey was talkative though, but then his quirk manifested and he just . . . stopped”

“Ah his Quirk, Ouroboros, do you know what it does yet?”

“No . . . It’s just spinning on his wrist”

“Hmm, well perhaps we should let him out of the strait jacket?”
“We’ve told you, we can’t do that. He literally eats himself. Since he got that Quirk he stopped speaking and started eating”
Part II:

A boy sits in a room completely naked; his skins is marked with scars and bite marks, the walls and ceilings are padded with foam. His arms are strapped behind his back; armed guards stand pointing the barrel of their guns at his head. Three guards, the boy slowly counted . . . one . . . two . . . three. A smile crosses his face. Perfect teeth. The child slowly stands, the iron shackles at his ankles jingling on the ground  

“ . . . Very Happy . . .”

The padded iron door creaks open and a man in a suit enters the room, the child notices how this man doesn’t have that look in his eyes. He’s disappointed, but his smile does not falter. Instead his eyes curiously gaze at the bald gentleman in front of him outstretching his hand. He could bite him, but this man wasn’t like those guards. The child jingled the chains still smiling and the visitor dropped his hand.

“Do you know who I am”

The child titled his head as if to say “No, should I ?“ the gentleman smirks and opens his mouth as if to say something but he stops. He tilts his head towards the guards who still have their guns pointed at the child.

“They say . . . you ate your parents”

The boy freezes his grin dropped to a frown, his head twitching in the direction of his back.

“ . . . D: . . .”

The gentleman looks at one of the guards and they nod. He slowly walks around the boy to see the source of his “Quirk” a tattoo of a snake eating itself. After making his way back to being in front of the child he kneels placing one hand on the ground in front of him and continues speaking.

“You are to be executed in one hour. Your quirk is considered too dangerous for you to be left alive. You were requested to ask for a final meal but requested nothing. Some suspect you are incapable of talking” he stood up and the child’s eyes were locked on the foam in front of him. The man took a few steps back and the child began to smile, taking a few steps forward towards the visitor.

The guards anxiously rested fingers on triggers and the visitor raised his hand.

“Relax, maybe he’s finally going to say something?”

Instead the boy simply scuffed his leg backwards and collapsed in a heap.

“Oh. I broke his spirit. Either way child, as you have not requested a last meal, I have brought you one”

He pulled an apple out of his pocket and left it on the ground. Slowly leaving the room. As he made eye contact with the guard outside he nodded and suddenly began to fade away.

Murahai Takahashi, Japanese International, Quirk: “Perception Manipulation”

The guard who noticed his comrades were slowly backing out of the room, pushed the button next to the door and watched it slam shut trapping them inside.

“John Doe” Quirk: “Identity Theft”

In the cell the three armed men stood stunned, they were trapped inside? One turned to look at the closed door while the others watched the child who was still crouched on the ground. He knocked on the door.

“Hey, is this some sort of joke?” the guard yelled as the other two watched the child slowly begin to rise. Suddenly and without warning, three things happened in quick succession. The first was black mist billowed outwards from the boy filling the room, the second was all the men collapsed immediately as the fumes entered their nostrils and coalesced into tendrils. . .

. . . And the third was a voice emerging from the darkness.

“Ahh, at last, freedom”

The darkness cleared and the unlocked shackles lay on the ground, the key that had been left for him discarded on the ground. A beast stood where the child once was, it’s gleaming white skull and teeth swallowing the dregs of shadow. Muscular leathery flesh tensed and relaxed as it wantonly picked up one of the corpses the flesh now pale and lifeless.

Iko dropped the corpse as the door slowly slid open.

Part III

A man overlooks the city, standing on a rooftop. He is shirtless, his body scarred with old cuts and bite marks. He has been assumed dead for fifteen years. His captors, after failing at executing him had covered it all up. He knew why it had been so easy, his benefactors had paid for it. An exemplary process. The perfect deception.

Iko had been freed.

For fifteen years his old identity, the child called “Davey” lay dead in a cell. Consumed by the beast known as “Iko” and over those fifteen years. Davey and Iko had become one. Mastery of Ouroboros had not been easy, a cocktail of painkillers had been pumped through his system to survive the physical pain that the Quirk caused on it’s host.

Here he was though. Davey reached out his hand and flexed it at the night sky, each finger curling and stretching. The snake that ran in a perfect loop around his body extended outwards towards his fist and coiled backwards as he dropped his hand.

“Davey” a voice behind him spoke and the man turned smiling at the guest. Fifteen years ago this man had infiltrated the prison he was contained in and broken him out - Murahai Takahashi. Within the bald man’s hand as always he held an enveloped, sealed with wax. Davey knew the deal, his freedom was guaranteed by service and he was okay with that. They let him do what he wanted.

“. . . Very Happy . . .”  

He took the letter snapping the wax open and his eyes gazed over the contents. Takahashi was already leaving, his Quirk distorting the world and casting himself invisible. Davey pulled a lighter from his jean pocket and slowly began burning the paper, returning to his position on the edge of the rooftop.

Darkness coiled at his fingertips as he raised a burning hand. One hand grabbed the side of his head as the other burning hand paralleled the action grabbing his stomach.  He jumped from the rooftop pulling on his head and stomach, the dark fire engulfing him as the Ouroboros loop was broken.

. . .

Moments later Iko slid a claw against the slide of the building shattering tiles and panes heralding his descent..

“I smell you” and the beast smashed through the glass of a windowpane towards the unsuspecting people within.

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Post by Qrähe on Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:21 pm

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