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Khyvas A. Morien, aka Knightfall | Hero, {Finished}

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Khyvas A. Morien, aka Knightfall | Hero, {Finished} Empty Khyvas A. Morien, aka Knightfall | Hero, {Finished}

Post by Khyvas on Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:07 pm

The I D E N T I T Y?

Name:  Khyvas A. Morien.
Alias/Codename: Knightfall
Age:  31
Birthday:  August 12th
Gender:  Male
Alignment:  Hero

The P H Y S I C A L

Height:  6'4"
Weight:  420lbs
Hair: Black, long curly hair that can be easily straightened and pulled back into a ponytail or wrap when in costume.
Eyes:  Strong, expressive eyes, almost lion like, gold colored.
Physical Structure: Stature somewhat betrays the weight; While he is tall and broad, his heaviness even for his frame is due almost entirely to his quirk; his cells are mutated, causing his density to be higher than most others. 50in chest, 48in waist, muscular but “soft” build. Bearded but kept neat and trim, squared, prominent jawline, and light, golden brown skin.
Clothing & Style: Basic American Male; jeans, hoodie or jacket for casual wear, suits for business outings when not in costume.
Hero Outfit: When Khyvas dons the guise of Knightfall, he wears a contemporary, full bodied suit of armor that blends European, Sub-Saharan African, and Native American cultural features into it.

The plating itself is of a highly modern design and is fashioned to allow for maximum range of movement, consisting of a shape quasi-reminiscent of old gothic plating. The painting on the armor sets it apart via other cultures; the arms, from shoulder to fingertip, are painted an off-white, with native tribal symbols on the upper arm and shoulder. Over the torso section is worn a black and white lined tabard, with a utility belt consisting of various support items, as well as his primary weapon of choice; a specially made hybrid, baton-like weapon and an expandable shield which can be attached to his gauntlets, both built to work with his quirk.

His helmet is where the African influence is seen most as it blends into the modern Gothic structuring; it is fashioned after a beastial, nigh dragon-like creature, with a single modified T-section allowing for the eyes to see without blocking the peripheral, and is adorned with Bantu and Xhosa symbols of old watcher spirits. Along the aforementioned mask slit are "eyes" that light up the same color as Khyvas' energy discharges and match his mood and status.

The Armor also doubles as a quirk support item as it helps Khyvas absorb, store, and even use the Solar Radiation/Energy his body’s cells soak up. Apart from the primary weapon and armor, Khyvas is working on other attachments, tools, and possibly even suits for later purposes...
Khyvas A. Morien, aka Knightfall | Hero, {Finished} Khyvas13

The P S Y C H O L O G I C A L

Personality: Stoic in body stature, Khyvas always stands with his shoulders and head held high, giving the air that he is one to stand strong in the face of adversity. His eyes and his speech during combat however throws a hint at his true feelings and personality; he almost always leans to the humorous and sarcastic side, that is as human as the next man, meaning he's just as prone to human vices and failings as the next person. What sets him apart in this regard is that he somehow manages to not always give in to the absolute worst of his own humanity, instead falling back to his teachings and remembering his oath to not ever be like the man he once was, harking back on his old mentor's words: "Forward, always."

Because of this, despite standing as a demigod of old, Khyvas still manages to give off an air of welcoming warmth and comfort, and even as he's pummeling bad guys into the pavement, he can still be seen as the one who is ready to show mercy and compassion before anyone else, giving off the vibe of a guardian or "Big Brother" type of person.

Motives: "Bad things happen to good people like us so we learn to not let them happen to other people."

The Q U I R K?

Quirk Name:Solar-Strength
Quirk Type: Mutant
Power of Ability: Khyvas’ quirk is a mutative one that allows his body to absorb and store solar radiation, which in turn is used in a small variety of ways. The most common and always active one is that Khyvas’ body is always in a physically enhanced state, granting him superhuman strength and durability, as well slightly increased speed. As for directly manipulating this energy, Khyvas can do that in two known ways:

First, concentrating it inward to heal himself by supercharging his body’s cells to regenerate faster. This is a highly taxing ability that drains his body’s reserves quickly, and cannot be used to heal extreme wounds such as dismemberment and what would be considered instantly fatal.

The second is by projecting it in weaponized bursts of concussive, sometimes explosive (due to the immense, sudden friction) energy blasts, either as bolts, force fields, or continuous "burner" streams. Khyvas can shoot these without the aid of his suit, but the control is far lesser and the strain is far greater, thus reducing the power behind his attacks.

Additionally, these effects are all greater and easier to do during the daytime, regardless if it’s rainy or cloudy, although it is obviously better during sunnier days. However at night Khyvas’ reserves become more limited, and he can actually “depower” himself if he projects too much energy or heals his wounds too many times, rendering him at the same level of a normal human and forcing him to spend the next day or so recharging by sitting in the sun for nearly the entirety of it.

Interesting Side Effect: His blood is such a deeper shade of red that it's almost black due to how his cells have mutated due to his quirk.

The O R I G I N:

"For the sake of whoever is reading this dossier on Khyvas, we've summarized his background into a series of blocks for your convenience. We have regarded him as a Hero in the modern sense of the word, and so far poses no actual threat to the public apart from collateral damage accrued from the standard work of those in his line."

- Office of Centralized Management of Heroic Associates

Block 1 - Birth and Childhood

Khyvas was born near the turn of a decade, and his parents were living representations of such, albeit one was extremely absent and the other struggled with their own addictions and vices, leaving the boy to be raised by both a bit of the system and his grandparents. It was during his childhood that Khyvas was given the full "American Youth" experience, being shown multiple cultures and the constant grey scale that is Life. He was shown how the police at the time operated, sometimes not within the full confines of the Law, and how Justice can sometimes go without being delivered, and how other times it would be the very criminal enterprises that the public fears so much that would be the ones to administer Justice that the Law had decided would not be given. This left Khyvas with an outlook that the system was perhaps not as effective as he thought, that things as they were then were indeed useless, that they had to change. Unfortunately for him, this would not lead him to be the next Thurgood Marshall but rather something closer to the next Al Capone.

Block 2 - Adolescence and Young Adulthood

As Khyvas grew older into his teens, he found himself as part of a streetgang, at first simply running contraband for them, but eventually working his way up the ladder to being a collector, i.e the one who goes off to collect "fees" from those involved with the local gang. For Khyvas, he was disenfranchised with how things were, fed up with the blatant shows of bias and corruption all over the place, and decided that if he was gonna change the system, he was gonna do it from the "other side", and yes, even he admits that it was misguided, and he himself was taken advantage of by a local gang, but to him it didn't matter because he held the belief that he could somehow change things, fix the status quo. In a way, he was right, but it wasn't going to be how he first envisioned it.

At sixteen, Khyvas was one of the best footsoldiers of his gang, and his boss wanted him to take things a step up, to become an enforcer, and at that point a sacrifice would be required, as the number one of any streetgang is bleed in, bleed out. This gang might have saved that stage for only the most loyal and strongest members, but it was still a stage to be met. For Khyvas, he would have to kill a rival member of another gang, a choice that would have been irrevocable and one that would forever set him upon the path of pure villainy. However, fate would have different plans for him, and one of the first Heroes would see to it that his antics in that gang would come forever to a close.

The night of his initiation into a full fledged enforcer, Khyvas stood with a gun pointed at another teenager, one no more different than him, face and body broken and on his knees begging for mercy. Khyvas saw himself in this boy, just another lost soul being taken advantage of and thus he hesitated, an act that could have cost him his life if it wasn't for the intervention of a hero named Knightfall, an armor-clad superhero that stormed the place all on his own and ended the gang threat that very night, as the Boss and all his Lieutenants were in attendance as was customary. The following battle was bloody, and yet in all of the violence, Khyvas took no part in it, instead throwing aside the gun he was given and instead grabbed the rival boy he was meant to kill, instead dragging him off to safety and setting him free, an act that would later be the key into making sure that the troubled youth, one beset by his anger and sadness, would not see the inside of a jail cell, but instead be taken in by someone that would set his life on a completely different path; The Armored Hero, Knightfall.

Block 3 - Becoming A Man

Khyvas was at a loss from that point on. His life up to that point had been completely upended and ruined, and while it was for the better, at that point in time he knew not what he was to do with his life. Enter Knightfall, the Hero that had lead the raid on the drug den that night and freed Khyvas from having to become a murderer. It was Knightfall that met with Khyvas first before any other authorities, and it was him that would vouch for him to be given leniency, because Knightfall had witnessed the hesitation in killing another, and witnessed how instead of saving his own skin, Khyvas had put his life on the line to get that rival out of there alive. The Judges in charge of sentencing gave the lad a probationary sentence, "Work with this hero as community service for the next two years, and stay out of trouble. We'll see about your freedom at the end of this" were the exact words, and as such Khyvas then became a pseudo sidekick, something he had...difficulties with, at first.

In the beginning he wasn't entirely sure if the hero gig was something he would be cut out for, let alone any other walk of life, and truth be told, Knightfall wasn't so sure either, but through a hell of a lot of work and counseling, Khyvas eventually came around, and in his final year community service, working as an aide to Knightfall, Khyvas decided that maybe, just maybe, he could become a hero himself, and began to work and study towards becoming a full time hero.

And Knightfall agreed.

For that last year, Khyvas was given a constant stream of cram lessons on blacksmithing, electrical engineering, combat training for both hand to hand and various melee weaponry, and trained on honing his quirk as much as he could, refining not so much the power behind it, but rather the control. He was even given special permission to act as a provisional hero in those last few months, gaining field experience and insider knowledge on how Heroes operated. All of this to help Khyvas become a young man, the type of man the world would soon have need of.

Block 4 - Becoming Knightfall

"You're fired"

Those words echoed harshly in Khyvas' ears as Knightfall told him, on the final day of his probation, that he was to be fired from being his sidekick. Before Khyvas could plead and beg to remain at his mentor's side, Knightfall began to speak again, interjecting and explaining his position. "You are no longer a child, Khyvas, you must now grow on your own. Here, this is a, shall we say, a severance package. Take it and go, travel around and see the world through your eyes, see it for what it is, as I once did. Tell me Khyvas, have I yet failed you?"  

Those words both hurt and encouraged Khyvas, and with the "severance" package he was given, Khyvas set out to see the world and learn, for his mentor had indeed not yet failed him. It would be for the next ten years that Khyvas would travel the world, seeing everything it had to offer, living as both a pauper and craftsmen, seeing and learning from all sorts of people, taking in all sorts of things. He learned finer points of smithing and crafting, learned various fighting styles and martial arts from all corners of Europe to the unheard-of in Myanmar and Senegal to the ever prominent staples of mainland Asia and the ever popular island of Japan. He would see warzones, relief efforts, and both the best and worst humanity had to offer in this age of superpowered wonders.

At the end of it, when he turned thirty, he would find himself back home in the States, for his old master and benefactor had been slain, and within his final will and testament was Khyvas, first and chief among those mentioned.

"To you, my chosen heir, my name as you may now know was Rasheed Al'Karreim, one of many who bear the mantle of Knightfall. It is no real secret that our title is a generational one, and as you have now seen the world, you now know what it is a hero must fight for. You have learned much, and upon my last breath I have utter this dying wish; take up my mantle, craft your weapons and armor, and become the new Knightfall, the title which honors those who have come and fallen before us, and take my place so I my spirit may pass on in peace. I have faith in you my boy, and as you know, as we all must, there is but one way to go; Forward, always." Those words hit a pang in Khyvas, for they had been the compass for which he had progressed and went from misguided fool to a man who could now make an actual difference in the world, even if it was a small one.

Khyvas, bearing a heavy but grateful heart, couldn't take up the mantle quick enough. He owed this man everything he had in his life, everything he had come to know, and without hesitation, submitted himself for licensing as the new Knightfall, becoming the next in a long line of heroes, and to this current day, now has established his own Hero and Invention Agency, Riot Ready Industries, a small time operation compared to what his mentor had established, devoted to aiding in riot control situations, support item creation, and direct anti-villain and organized crime operations.

"There's only one way forward from here, right?" Khyvas said, "Forward, always."

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Khyvas A. Morien, aka Knightfall | Hero, {Finished} Empty Re: Khyvas A. Morien, aka Knightfall | Hero, {Finished}

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