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Post by Huitz on Sun Nov 04, 2018 8:50 am

Identity: XXXX

Name:  Jeremy Javid
Hero Name: Huitzil
Age:  20
Birthday:  When were they born?
Gender:  Male
Alignment:  Hero

Physical Attributes

Height:  5' 11"
Weight:  180
Hair: Style? Color?
Eyes:  Light Blue
Physical Structure: Thin or Fat? Tell us about them!
Clothing & Style: What sorts of clothes do they wear?
Hero Outfit: What’s special about their chosen outfit for being a hero?

Psycological Profile


Quirk: Toxic Colors

Quirk Type: Mutant
Power of Ability: Toxic Colors takes the form of a series of changes to the body, covering them in small fish-like scales that the user must remove in order to produce jets of colored flame from their body wherever the scales are torn off. This is the result of the scales clicking much like a lighter against the skin beneath and igniting the chemicals stored in the user’s body, commonly a poison that is safe to ingest by humans in small amounts (caffeine, alcohol, etc.), and using the flames to accelerate the spread of the colorless gaseous chemical. As the chemical used is typically poisonous to other humans the user becomes a walking poison fog, though the range is short and fills the area surrounding the user, dependent on how much flame is produced and how much of their scales they user has removed.

Unlike other poisonous Quirks or flame-based Quirks, the possessor of Toxic Colors must subject themselves to the damage of both the flames they produce (as they are not immune to the damage caused by these flames) and the poisons they ingest and store (they receive the normal dosage for their consumption, though like any human they can build a tolerance over time, and then magnify it out to harm others.) Their scales protect them from the damage of the flames as well as process out the poison surrounding them, removing them is the only way to expose others to the effects but removing too many also puts them at risk of burning alive, suffering their own toxins, or both.

Common use of this Quirk involves close range combat almost exclusively, preferring to contact opponents in order to burn them as well as expose them to their poison, as the burned flesh is especially susceptible to the poison seeping in as it can no longer filter the chemicals properly.

Although not relevant in combat situations the Quirk also has some other associated traits...

  • The user must ingest their poison of choice regularly and frequently, minors typically choose caffeine and adults will often use alcohol or directly lethal poisons, in small doses, as they are legally capable of the former and the latter has less of an effect on their larger bodies
  • The user’s scales do not grow with them requiring a monthly molt during which time they must purge the body of toxins by fasting for three days so that they are unharmed during the molt and subsequent rehardening of their scales, they become notably irritable at these times of the month
  • Colors are inconsistent across users, for some a caffeine flame may be blue and for others it might be yellow, regardless of the color however the flames have a consistent heat of around 800 - 900 Celcius (roughly equivalent to a weak candle flame.)
  • Scales do not appear at all angles of viewing, resembling fish scales in that they produce a glimmer of rainbow color when under specific angles of light but in darkened conditions the user may appear to be normal. This has lead some to believe, incorrectly, that possessors of the Toxic Colors Quirk have to rip off their own skin
  • Due to the fact that their hair cannot be scaled and is thus unprotected from flames, users are either bald or require special chemical treatment to ensure they don’t lose their hair
  • Flames produce a scent that is unique to the individual, a faint pheromone that can identify them to other possessors of this Quirk or those with an enhanced sense of smell. Flames are typically dominated by the smell of whatever toxin is involved however making this a risky task at close range
  • Skin below the scales is frequently heavily scarred and damaged from the repeated burns inflicted upon it making some users loathe to remove their scales, even under pressure, or to remove them from certain locations such as the face


A child of the statistically unlikely union of two other Mutant types possessing near identical traits, Huey's parents are the professional heroes Quetzal and Coatl and all three are possessor's of the same Quirk type.

Jacob Javid is popularly known as a professional who takes his job very seriously and possesses the Toxic Scales Quirk with the slight differentiation that his scales are much harder, resembling a serpent's rather than a fish, and require substantial effort to remove from his body. This trait makes him a potent shield and defensive bait for other heroes (typically his wife) while his toxic gas weakens the assailant. In an effort to support his career Jacob is a constant alcoholic, frequently drinking from one of several hipflasks and developing a strong tolerance for the effects of the poison (making him a frequent claimer of bar bets for supplemental income in towns that don't know any better than to not bet against him.) Despite the copious alcohol he consumes Jacob is not notably affected by it but reacts to sobriety in a fashion similar to drinking, becoming unstable and slurred of speech by drinking non-alcoholic beverages.

In his private life, Mr. Javid is a stern father that regards his son's professional career as critical to his own legacy and is thus a vocal, vibrant, supporter. Mr. Javid maintains a line of trinkets and knicknacks, a public forum, and several television advertisements about his son's professional competency despite being a relatively new hero. This is tempered by his wife who has kept him from expanding these efforts even further to billboards, bus ads, and door-to-door campaigns.

Jennifer Javid, partner hero (and actual partner) to Jacob Javid, is another possessor of the Toxic Scales Quirk with the distinction that she has more ferocious flames but weaker toxic output making her a more aggressive frontline fighter. Her personality is exaggerated for show while on the clock, making grandious exhibits of her rainbow colored flames (aided by her costume) to subdue victims though her output is lesser than many other flame-oriented heroes. In private she prefers to make subtle contact and uses her powers in her home and private life by ingesting special tea blends that enable her to emit a constant, soothing, scent that lets her approach or manipulate people subtly (during any hero association bargaining she brings this to bear to argue for better wages for her family and self, the right scent being able to offer her an edge over other professional heroes.)

Jennifer tempers her husband's excessive passion at home and tries to guide her son in his personal life to pursue things that will help him become a better rounded person, as well as hero. She believes strongly that the private and professional lives of heroes should both be balanced and kept healthy and strong, something she often has to assist her husband and other allies with (known to be one phone call away for things such as babysitting, giving her a knowledge of many up and coming hero's parents and Quirks.)

(Remember to put the different chapters in your Character's life into nice titles.)


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