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Oswald "Entropy" Kynes {Complete}

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Oswald "Entropy" Kynes {Complete} Empty Oswald "Entropy" Kynes {Complete}

Post by Qrähe on Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:01 am

Identity: Entropy

Oswald "Entropy" Kynes {Complete} PdrgDOIM_400x400

Name: Oswald Kynes
Alias: Entropy
Age: 36
Birthday: September 16th, 1982
Gender: Male
Alignment: Unaffiliated

Physical Attributes

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 182 lbs
Hair: Brown hair with bits of gray intermixed unkemptly. Kept short in the back and never really letting it grow to far down his face before getting it cut. 
Eyes: Blue
Physical Structure: An average build that looks  
Clothing & Style: Unlike heroes who don't mind have attention drawn to them and villains who are mad enough to draw it as well, his clothing reflects that of a pretty casual look. Often times just wearing jeans for the practicality they afford, being able to take a beating before tearing. A good pair of steel toe boots were added when he quickly saw some heroes lose toes when debris started falling. Well fitted t-shirts and a tough work coat again ready to take a beating. Practicality serves the biggest purpose for his day to day clothing.
Hero Outfit: None

Psychological Profile

Personality: Pretty well reserved most of the time, he spends his time among some of the seedier underbellies of the criminal world. Seen as someone who can often produce oddities that normally are not available and are difficult to acquire. He doesn't enjoy his time among such people, but they make it possible to keep an ear to the ground and know what's truly going on. Many heroes try to keep an eye out for trouble, but their unwillingness to cross certain lines make them wholly ineffective at being able to go after some of the worst monsters. Heroes often go after dangerous villains, but they leave the powerless monsters to the police, regardless of the evil they commit. 
Motives: To do the right thing sometimes you have to do something good, something bad, or a bit of both.

Quirk: First Law

Quirk Type: Emitter
Power of Ability: First Law is the application of the First Law of Thermodynamics, energy can neither be destroyed or created. It can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. This boils down the ability to pull in energy from one source and to convert it to another (Electrical to mechanical). He can only transform the energy and expel it, he does not have any method to store the energy in his body and all attempts have caused him serious injuries. Controlling what form it's transformed into was the first skill he really learned with his power. 

Experimenting has led him to believe it's possible to transform the energy into multiple forms, but so far success with such practices have been less than stellar. Quick charges of power in times of need can be found in a myriad of places, batteries being some of his favorite places to find a burst of power in times when he desperately needs some.


Growing up was pretty standard for Oswald and was filled with many of the standard kid things birthdays, friends, small fights, sports, joy, and trips with his parents. Even as he got older into his teenage and he realized his power he never thought much about it or desired to become a hero like many others. He was fine with letting things fall where they did. Completing a normal high school and getting out he spent a few summers working for the Forestry Department and watching for burning fires, the rest of the year was fishing boats and canneries. Eventually finding a place working for the Forestry Department going out to remote locations to check on testing equipment and repairing it as needed. The job made him pretty handy when needed and he ended up being self-taught on a variety of things.

Every so often some fight would cause fires and he would be called out to help and then asses any damage to equipment. It slowly tore at him that the heroes would be so wanton about the damage they let happen in hopes they may stop such a villain and the fame they may gain. They seemed so pompous and flashy, something he had little respect for. It seemed so many did what they did to be adored, for money, for the chance to be revered. All the while people like him had to deal with the aftermath and clean up their messes.

The eventual straw that caused him to finally do something about the world around him was watching a hero standby while a hostage situation in a bank turned south, simply because the robber didn't have powers and it was left to the police. He could hear the shots as clear today as he did that day. Seven dead, two tellers both barely in their early twenties working to pay for school. A mother with a daughter, the mother was found with multiple shots to her back as she tried to shield her daughter who was found with a bullet wound in her leg that had caused her to bleed out. A security guard who had tried to tackle the armed man but was overpowered. Finally a couple there to get approved for a loan to buy their first house. All dead and simply because someone with power chose not to act. Something he told himself he would no longer do, sitting on the sidelines and letting those monsters escape justice simply because they didn't have a power or hid it well enough they could escape the eyes of heroes and be left to the police.

He began to fight those on the streets who would disrupt the peace and kept moving his way up, hunting down thieves, then murders and rapists. He had no love for the work or the methods he employed, but every time he took one of these monsters off the street he knew it was the right thing. Eventually, he realized that he could be more effective in finding these men and women by planting himself among them by being someone who could procure items that needed someone who had some kind of power to be able to acquire. Putting himself in this place meant he began to come across actual villains with powers and even though they would normally be dealt with by heroes he couldn't wait that long and let some innocent be killed because he didn't take action. So for those looking for pieces of tech or intel, it was known you go to the man named "Oz" of course many would call him "The Wizard" a nice little play on his name. Those who made it to his list and he would bring in for justice he was known as "Entropy" two sides to the same person.

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Post by Qrähe on Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:41 pm

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