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Post by Admin on Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:48 pm

Thread Types

Solo Threads
Solo threads are solo endeavors where you post on your own, forwarding a plot or subplot that centers around your character. The subject matter is entirely up to you, but some restrictions apply:
• You may double post in a Solo Thread (obviously);
• GP gain is reduced to 1 per 150 words (instead of the usual 1 per 50 words.)

Group Threads
Group threads are group endeavors where you post together with one or more people, forwarding a plot or subplot that centers around your characters. The subject matter is entirely up to you, but significantly fewer restrictions apply:
• You may not double post in a Group Thread;
• You may participate in as many simultaneous Group Threads as you feel you are able;
• You may choose to convert GP gained in a Group Thread at any time (but the staff appreciate it when you delay conversion until closing of the thread.)

Mission Threads
Mission threads are player-constructed mini-plots where a set outcome is attempted.
• Missions are given a rating based on their difficulty (read more here)
• Missions, at their conclusions (or their deaths) will be evaluated by a staff member and all participants will be given appropriate reward GP.
• Mission threads are in all other respects considered to be Group threads.

Flashback Threads
Flashback Threads are solo or group endeavors where you forward a flashback-type plot or subplot. The subject matter is entirely up to you, but it should obviously be pertaining to your character's history in some form. Flashback threads exist solely for fleshing out your character's history, past experiences, and their relationships with other characters.
• Fb threads are considered to be Group or Solo threads, as is appropriate.

Stamina Usage
Techniques and other moves can drain more Stamina according to their specifics.
A character that runs out of Stamina passes out and is at the mercy of any around them.

GP Gain
GP, or Growth Points, are gained by posting in a thread. You gain 1 GP for every 50 words you write in the entire thread. Threads can't be claimed until completed. If you had 147 words in one post and 163 in another you could would have 310 divided by 50 which rounded down comes out with 6 GP. This GP can be spent on skills, stats and techniques in the future, so please do have fun while writing.

All threads unless stated otherwise are to be considered Closed. That is to say—unless your character is explicitly invited—you are not allowed to participate in that thread. The opening post of Closed Group threads should include a list of people who are allowed to participate for the sake of clarity (for obvious reasons, no such list is required for Solo threads).

However, threads can be set to "Open", meaning anyone is free to participate in them regardless of invitations. Open threads do not require a list of people in the opening post, but note that it is considered good practice to contact the creator of an Open thread before participating.

For the few exceptions that do exist, see here. Note that though these rules do apply, it is very rare for them to be invoked.

For the benefit of younger users (or users posting from work), threads should include a rating in the title. The standard US movie ratings are a popular choice for most people, a quick guide is as follows:
G - Suitable for everyone
PG - Swearing, moderate violence, crude/suggestive humor, etc.
R - The default for most threads; Profanity, violence, drugs, etc.
M - Excessive violence, profanity, and sexually suggestive themes.

Thread Tags
The idea of the thread tag is to put as much information regarding the type of thread in as little space as possible in the thread title. This is done like so:
X is to be substituted with what type of thread it is: Solo, Group, Plot or Flashback. If no tag is added it is assumed to be Group.
Y is to be substituted with what rating the thread has. If no tag is added it is assumed to be rated R.
Z is to be substituted with the thread type: Open or Closed. If no tag is added it is assumed to be Closed.
For convenience, some users will add in the title the name of the character they wish to have join as well.

Thread Title 101 [Group.G/Closed] - A Closed, G-Rated Group Thread
This is my thread [Solo.R] - A Solo, R-rated Plot Thread
Cold North Heats Up [Flashback.M: Ine/Ai] - A Closed, M-rated Flashback Thread intended for the users Ine and Ai.
Looking for friends [Open.M/Group] - An Open, M-rated, Group thread.


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