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Aiden Anderson, Hero, complete

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Aiden Anderson, Hero, complete Empty Aiden Anderson, Hero, complete

Post by Boxer on Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:32 pm

Identity: Aiden "Boxer" Anderson

Name:  Aiden Anderson
Hero Name: Boxer
Age:  19
Birthday:  1999, August 1st
Gender:  Male
Alignment:  Hero

Physical Attributes

Height:  5'11”
Weight:  150lbs
Hair: Aiden has short spiky hair that is in a rainbow of colors. The entire spectrum of the seven primary colors are displayed by his locks. Though they might not be easy to notice at first, mixed in with his hair are three rows of spiny dorsal fins; the first and clear sign of his mutant quirk.
Eyes:  The second key clue to Aiden's mutation are his mantis shrimp eyes. Each eye is comprised of three main segments that are all responsible for different parts of his vision. The dorsal and ventral segments function much the same way a normal human eye would- detecting form and movement. But they are separated by the mid-band. The mid-band is composed of nine individual lines that are responsible for detecting different wavelengths of light. And finally he has something that is similar to the iris which moves through these segments to detect his full spectrum of light. In addition to being self conscious about these eyes, the modern world is quite stressful on them. So, Aiden often wears sunglasses or goggles to help dull the sense and prevent sensory overload.
Physical Structure: A lean and fit melee fighter, that is Aiden's body. His years of physical training under the expert tutelage of his academy teachers have left him with trim and cut muscles. A hybrid of martial arts training, weight lifting, and body building have carved a strong body of bulging, fighter based muscles and little fat.
Clothing & Style: In casual clothing, Aiden often dresses in layers with often conflicting color patterns. His eyes don't allow him to see colors the same way as the masses. So he can appear to be mismatched. He does particularly favor a sky blue hoodie though. It is rare if not impossible to catch him without some sort of eye covering. Stylized sunglasses are his preference when on the streets as a citizen and goggles when he's doing hero work.
Hero Outfit: Aiden wears a black holographic unitard. The unitard is made from experimental carbon nanofibers to assist in his defensive abilities and aid in him getting close to an opponent. Over his knuckles, forearms,and shoulders are large armor plated, shock absorbing techs that help mitigate the force his punches are applying to his opponent and the recoil sent back on his body. So can basically think of them as power limiters. He also wears heavy duty combat boots and large black cargo pants equipped with basic first responder gear. Most importantly, to him anyway, are his rainbow reflective welder goggles that are vital to preventing opponents from exploiting his hyper sensitive eyes. Even with these blocking most visible light, he can still see slightly above that of a normal human.

Psycological Profile

Aiden requires to attention and interactions with other people. He enjoys people, especially when they are admiring how great he is. It's one of the main driving forces behind him being a professional hero. When separated from this, he can become very anxious, uneasy, and rambunctious.
As opposed to Intuitive. Aiden learns from his surroundings and the practical application of things around him. Abstract thoughts and planning don't come second nature him. His strong suit lies in looking for practical and direct solutions to problems. Creative but not imaginative.
As opposed to feeling. In Aiden's mind feelings don't account for much. Not just feelings as in emotions but feelings like intuition. For him, decisions are calculated, based on risk vs reward or terms and consequences. His actions stem from plans that weighed one result against another without the consideration of any abstract notions.
As a person that doesn't care about emotions or circumstances, Aiden is extremely judgmental. He holds everyone, even himself, to a standard and if they can't meet that standard then they are to be called out on it.

-Dichotomous Personality Flaws-

Aiden is empathetic but not sympathetic. When encountering an emotional problem he looks towards rational solutions. He can feel all of your emotions but he doesn't care about them.

Aiden is proud but hiding shame. He wants attention but only superficial limelight. Much like his quirk, Aiden is human appearing on the skin level but is a crustacean monster underneath.

Motives: Aiden has two main reasons for being a hero. Originally, he just wanted to be able to use his Quirk as freely as possible. As a mutant, he has always felt suffocated by the restrictions of quirk usage. His body was meant for much grander things so having to act like a quirkless in public was quite irritating. His second reason is just garnering attention. He does hero work for the praise and the glory.

Quirk: Shrimp

Quirk Type: Mutant
Power of Ability: “Anything a shrimp can do, he can do.”

Aiden's quirk is relatively simple. He is a shrimp mutant and exhibits the abilities of pistol shrimp and mantis shrimp. He has shrimp eyes that see the electromagnetic spectrum far differently than normal human eyes. The internal anatomy of his arms are arranged differently to generate punches with the same force as bullets. He has a subdermal layer of mineral crustacean shell. And his digestive system is different enough to be able to eat other crustaceans and fish raw and whole.



Though not from a prominent family, Aiden is still the product of selective quirk breeding. This experiment wasn't done in order to make a super powerful quirk user though. It was done to make a crustacean quirk mutant that had the appearance of a normal person. Aiden's great great grandfather was Samuel Anderson. Born in Baltimore Maryland, he was considered a monster among his family of superstitious backwater crabbing fishermen. He was born with the external appearance of a blue crab man while quirks were still relatively knew. Through influence of fear and power as he grew up, Samuel grew an illegal transport business hidden behind his family's legitimate fishing business. He took various women in an attempt to make an heir without the quirk to take over and hide his shame.

This, of course, never succeeded. All of Samuel's children were born with various crustacean based quirks. Though the knowledge of quirks was growing, these children were still ridiculed and forced to live outside of mainstream society.

Though their illegal business slowly died, the desire to make a human heir did not. The growing popularity of quirks offered these people plenty of boating work to earn what money and influence they could to continue to arrange breeding marriages. Some wanted to obtain their quirks and some just wanted their money. Though some got close and others are unknowns, the line did eventually produce their closest success in Aiden.

Though the child still have some frills and fins, he was near completely human looking. To boot, all of his crustacean quirks were either internal or easily concealed. The praise showered on Aiden was extreme. He was constantly told how proud everyone was and what the family had to be shamed for. It sowed the seeds for his entire personality and outlook on life. The boy grew to needs recognition but also felt ashamed for what he really was. A perfect representation for the hidden truth of his quirk.

-Hero School-
In hero training, Aiden tended to be average in the academics of his classes. He never placed much effort in tests or written assignments. It was in the sport festivals and practical exercises that he really shined. Whenever and where ever there was a crowd you could bet that Aiden was going to show off exactly how strong and collected in a situation he could be. That was, until the sports festival of his second year when he faced a fire user in the combat tournament. This particular hot head lost his temper when exposed to Aiden's showboating and blasted the boy to a degree where Aiden's skin caught fire. The epidermal layer of flesh fell off to expose the brightly colored shell of a peacock mantis shrimp. His fingers were sharp talons, his knuckles were large bulbs. His eyes whirled about in all directions.

Aiden was shown for what he really was underneath, the same crustacean monster as the rest of his family. Aiden left the arena and never participated in an open event again during his school years. Any teasing he faced was met with harsh retribution during practical exercises with him throwing punches at full power. He achieved his goal in leaving public interest though. The mob is always quick to move onto the new thing. He didn't re-enter the scene until the year after he had graduated.

Now Aiden seeks to attain a successful pro hero status and obtain all of the glory that comes with it.

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Aiden Anderson, Hero, complete Empty Re: Aiden Anderson, Hero, complete

Post by Qrähe on Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:20 pm

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