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Jacky! - A Good Boy (Done)

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Jacky! - A Good Boy (Done) Empty Jacky! - A Good Boy (Done)

Post by Jacky! on Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:41 pm


Name: Jacky Godwin
Code Name: Jacky!
Age: 22
Birthday: August, 30th
Gender: Male
Alignment: Hero

Physical Attributes

Height: 5’9ft

Weight: 180lbs

Eyes: Yellowish Green while Dormant/Red while Active

Hair: A tow-headed boy, Jacky doesn’t style his hair as much as survive it. Best described as a mess he doesn’t concern himself with things like combing it or pretending to do anything at all. Longer than it should be, but that assumes he pays attention to those sort of things instead of chasing after his next interest like a magpie after something shiny. He accepts his bed head with a casual forgetfulness and it doesn’t seem to get any better as the day advances. A small miracle it doesn’t get in the way of his eyes as one would expect, but then again, despite his inattention, it seems to part naturally towards the right, shifting just out of the way instead of hindering him but obscuring that part of his face when still.

Physical Description: For his height Jacky is extremely fit, having far more muscle than fat on his frame. One would think that due to his quirk that physical training would be less of a concern, yet, if only due to his constant need to move, he manages to get more than his necessary share. Beyond that he isn’t broadly built, a thin frame if anything, and more suited to his athletic lifestyle. His legs are a little bit longer than perhaps is common but otherwise there is nothing that stands out about his physical presence.

The scars, however, stand out. While he doesn’t readily reveal them to anyone it was required for the physical examination. Most of it is surgical in nature, attributed to treatment he received during his initial stay in the hospital. Some are from where bone had fused badly (before being set proper and tended to much later) and the skin above was suitably twisted or warped.

This is particularly apparent on his right arm and spots along the hips and leg on the same side. Damage to his face is less noticeable but no less severe. While the only scaring is a small slash through his eyebrow, shrapnel if any of the smaller age-faded wounds are any indication, his eye was damaged in whatever event caused the harm. Through the use of a specially made contact and the appropriate treatments his vision in it is made functional, but still weaker than his other eye.

Clothing & Style: While it assumes Jacky wears anything but his costume almost all the time it does require wash every so often and, despite his protests, has found it may not be appropriate for every venue. For those occasions he tends to dress at his economic level; which means he tends to look homeless more often or not.

No one knows where he got most of it, save the state of them suggests donation. Of particular fondness to him seems to be an old army jacket worn over a hoodie; the former worth more note than the latter given the wear and tear it’s seen. Patchwork repairs have covered up much of, if most of, any insignia or revealing details. Some of it in matching color, most just off of being the correct shade. A large gash sits behind the right side pocket, which he’s taken to using as a secondary one, and seems to be the only damage that’s gone without any attempt to restore.

Anything else is tertiary to the matter. Sometimes jeans, others slacks, always boots (scuffed with age and often hidden by the bagginess of his outfits), t-shirts as a rule, and when weather calls for it a well worn military trench coat. It might have been double breasted once but not all the buttons seem to have survived. Most of it save the coats are in varying states of disrepair and quickly replaced as needed. For a bit he wore a piece of rope in place of a belt until his foster family saw to it he got something a little more suitable…and in bulk.

Costume: At first glance Jacky’s costume looks like a set of black, full body tights, something similar to what wrestles wear. Given that was exactly what his…proto-costume was those behind the upgrades thought better than to deviate from the style given his fixation on it. In fact given his involvement in the process it’s more a surprise they accomplished anything at all. Simple looking black fabric they’re noticeable only for the stylized skeletal structure imprinted on them (the lower vertebra veering off to the right for some reason) and is one of the more memorable parts of seeing him wear it.

That and the long red scarf that has endured far more than it should have always flowing behind him. It was the one item he seemed unwilling to part with whatsoever, even when offered a tactically useful replacement. It did however help in the process of designing the rest of his costume since it seems to have been affected on some level by his quirk.

They did take some of his other fashion choices into consideration, though. While he still wears the full suit they convinced him to wear a set of black military style cargo pants (made of the same damage resistant material as the rest and continuing the skeletal pattern on it) for him to carry his various…well to call them gadgets would be wrong but he insists that the items are useful.

Taking his powers into account they also managed to convince him to wear a set of specially designed bracers on either leg. In fact most of his suit is reactive to his powers in one way or another. Those being the most obvious when not covered up. Specifically his belt, which surprises absolutely no one that knows him by resembling Kamen Rider’s own, serves a vital function. But despite their every attempt he refuses to wear any sort of mask or anything he feels limits the motion of his upper body.

Psychological Profile:
“Jacky is a good boy!”

Personality: There are two ways to take Jacky, more or less. Either he is an innocent, good natured soul or a strange eccentric whose brain was rotted on both the current hero culture and the fantasy that preceded it. Enough of both have been a part of his life at one point or another, others suggesting that perhaps he suffers from a mental defect thanks to the damage done to him in his youth. His reluctance to allow any more in depth testing has prevented any medical confirmation though he’s had several diagnoses from the doctors he did see at the behest of his foster family.

What one can be sure of is that he is awfully upbeat and seems insistent on referring to himself in the third person. And the nicknames which one will either be fond of or sick of before too long in his presence. Almost casually he decides others are his friends and bombards them with his good intentions and odd behaviors. Even criminals are, in so far as he is concerned professionally, just friends that don’t know any better. In the little bubble he lives in there seems to be no conflict in these realities. Nor the fact that it sometimes requires him to use violence -which unsurprisingly comes either as a last resort or all too easily in what he justifies as playing with little in between- to do what he’s claimed as his duty.

Which brings one to the one thing that is beyond reproach regardless of one’s opinions of the rather odd boy; he takes the title seriously. Not just in the performance but in how he represents himself. The latter in some cases is purely the result of his –for lack of any kinder word- simplicity. For the most part, however, it is based around his beliefs and perception as to what a hero should be.

Neither popularity nor payment enters into the equation for him. His sense of justice is well in line with the classical morals that once lived in comic books and in that regard has served him well. And while he is “technically” paid as part of the exchange for being officially licensed it all goes into a bank account he doesn’t remember or care about. Instead he leaves that boon and his few wishes concerning it to his foster family and lives wherever he deems suitable depending on the day.

Where his “live in the moment” attitude causes concern is how unpredictable it can sometimes make him. Childish even, at times, he acts on impulse too often; no matter how well guided it seems to be. That can turn even a simple matter into a loud, even competitive conflict. Outside more serious matters too much of it seems as a game to the young man, even pitting himself against other heroes, which he sees as more reminiscent of his rather accelerated training than anything else. Testing himself, as it were. Though after a few incidents he’s at least learned there is a time and place for such things.

In part, as most learn if spending any real time with him, is that he feels emotions in extremes. Whatever currently compels him along his course is obvious to anyone that has even a bit of empathy. This is the double edged sword that he lives by; perhaps not even aware of it so much as never having learned a different way of living.  

But this tends to be at the edges of his misadventures. More often his day to day activities are simple, mostly based on his interaction with others or the small things that seem to enhance the already boundless energy and joy he shares. That generally results from working with animals, as he has a fondness for nearly all of them. Birds are iffy in that regard, mostly in that there have been issues with his suddenly chasing and or yelling at them, but doesn’t otherwise deter him from attempting to bond with them like any other creature.

He finds them easier to work with as well, as humans typically want more out of him in conversation than he is seemingly capable of giving. Which is why his interactions with them are largely only in the official capacity and thus limits his time with them. In many ways there is no position that suits him better. A lack of hobbies outside his already well apparent interests and one would almost imagine that there was nothing else he wanted in his life.

Motives: Simplicity, in that at least, Jacky only wants to live life by his own terms. From how he acts in his capacity as a hero and as a human being, these are things he’s elected to do and will do them both as he sees fit..

The Titan

Quirk Type: Emitter
Manifestation: A misleading title, but one the young hero insists on calling his quirk. Classified as a mass/density manipulating quirk it effectively allows Jacky to alter himself in several ways. Testing reveals it to be a personal field surrounding his skin; invisible to the normal human eye and in of itself is mostly what is altered rather than his actual body, at least in so far as any alteration to mass can be accounted for.

It possesses an active and a resting state. In the latter his strength and resistance to harm are greater than normal but not yet reaching levels that could be called superhuman. When in an active state –noticeable due to the change in eye color- the enhancements become more pronounced. Depending on how it is deployed it can either provide greater strength and durability or speed.

Drawback: The changes are not instant. The more of his body he intends to alter the longer it takes for the changes to take effect. A single limb is nothing but a precious second or two, but affecting his whole body can take several more, and that is reliant on the change being singular in effect. Greater control may improve upon that but currently…

There is also a very physical toll to invoking his quirk. When using it to increase his speed his body is much more fragile than normal. This is mainly a concern when in combat with another person but a simple accident could prove to be far more dangerous in that state. At the other end of the spectrum, when employing his quirk defensively, the pressure created by those alterations can strain his body to the point of physical harm. The more severe the use is the more damage done to him in the process. While his body is more used to the process than someone else might be it is still a concern every time he makes use of it.


A young man, barely older than a boy it seemed like but little more, seated on the edge of a ledge and swinging his legs. The doctors would come and go –since getting him to stay in his room seemed improbable most days- but there he would remain. Looking at the world that lay stretched beyond that place. Almost always he smiled for them whenever he’d turn his head to chatter back. They would leave. Not at first. First they would watch and see until they knew what it was he could do. After that the concern seemed to fade. It always did. When there was no one was there to watch that was when he would do it. Just a push, a little thing, and he would plummet to the ground below.

But they always found him waiting back on the ledge when they would come to check again.

Just a scrawny thing at the time. Not to the point of being unhealthy but certainly not eating regularly or well. The wounds were what took them by surprise. Most hadn’t set right –and getting the boy to remain calm when fixing that problem was its own misery- and the scars left behind were older than made any sense. Hard to imagine what might have happened back in the days before healing quirks existed. He wore the pain well. It never seemed to stop him, whatever it was he wanted to do at the time, he would do it even if he hobbled or hurt along the way. Recovered he only had all that much more energy to constantly vex his caretakers with.

That was six years ago. So far as records are concerned there’s nothing else that exists before that. Fingerprints didn’t offer anything; registry and records never matched him to any missing child. And while he’d talk at them there was little he shared that would have provided any actionable information. Just a little lost boy. World had plenty of those. The boy didn’t seem to mind either. Not about his situation. Not about the group home he eventually ended up in. Nor the remedial courses or evaluations that followed. His quirk evaluation and eventual placement in at one academy or another seemed to be the only things that deserved any concern from him.

So he went along, always smiling whenever he turned his head. Training was uneventful, excelling only when it came to combat and even then often outshined by others. Much of the time was like that. And as soon as he was licensed his he slipped away from family and friends to live the life he seems to have wanted more. The only time he seems to have any concern for the organizational aspect of his duties is when dealing directly with police or military –depending on whatever trouble he’s found himself in at the time- or when it comes to maintaining his authorization. Anything not requires to maintain those relationships have gone by the way side where he has comfortably lived since.

But nothing lasts forever.


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