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Step Into The Ring

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Step Into The Ring

Post by Boxer on Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:33 pm

Hello and welcome to my plot thread for when the Discord is eventually too big for two people to just talk. I'm your host and you can just call me Boxer. I play a Hero that behaves mostly like an ideological hero. He does not kill, he does not tolerate injustice before him, he helps anyone he comes across even when it is seemingly detrimental to him. This doesn't mean that he is without leniency though.  People that are still good but not necessarily operating within the law (vigilantes) get a pass from him as long as they're not committing crimes against people right in front of him.

Boxer is happy, extroverted, young, and enthusiastic. So he's willing to do all sorts of team-ups and missions with people. Charity works, celebrity nonsense, and punching villains in the face are all great options for him. So let me try to organize some information for you.

Location: Boxer mainly works outside of New York since he is from the DelMarVa area. Specifically he is focused in Manhattan.

Motives: Boxer likes helping people like any hero but his primary motive is to increase his fame and attain admiration.

Focus: Boxer's current focus is on the trafficking of “Trigger” in the Manhattan area. For those that don't know, Trigger is a drug that enhances quirks to extremely powerful levels but also drives the user insane. A telltale mark of this drug's use is turning the tongue black.

Theme: The theme I'm trying to achieve with my stories is a police procedural. I'm trying to focus on cooperative work between heroes and officers. Detective work, legal tape, and forensic evidence are all components I want to use to climax to the big fight scenes.

What I Want: Right now, I just want character interaction and development. If there are like minded heroes that want to form partnerships, I'm down for that. If there are villains that want to Arch me, I'm down for that too. But as of this moment, with the site so fresh and new, I'm perfectly fine with some one night stands.

What I Offer: I offer all of the above coupled with my own personal writing preferences. I take my writing fairly seriously and give it what I can when I can. I try to post for each of my threads once a day and shoot for somewhere between 600-1000 words per post. I'm particularly good with fights and have an OOC interest in mechanics. I script out details but not results. All situations will be handled in writing. I also play my character on “Hard Mode.” Meaning I accept that at anytime Boxer could die. So if that's your interest, taking on all challengers right here and now.

Current Threads:
Of Serpents and Crustaceans Boxer and IKO (Deadly Hero vs Villain thread)

A round and a round and around they go Boxer and Rubband (Friendly Hero vs Hero thread)

11377 Possession Boxer, Miasma, Knight (group PVE thread)

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Re: Step Into The Ring

Post by Kireon on Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:14 pm


I need to literally offend your character's eyes.

It's you vs me once again; the eternal rivals.


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Re: Step Into The Ring

Post by Boxer on Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:32 pm

I'm willing but do you mind doing the work leading this one?

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Re: Step Into The Ring

Post by Sponsored content

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