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The Primative Monster (Villain WIP)

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The Primative Monster (Villain WIP) Empty The Primative Monster (Villain WIP)

Post by Priminal on Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:35 am

Identity: Priminal

Name...?  Technically, his birth certificate reads as Hank Phillips. But he’s long since passed the point where concepts like names matter to him.
Moniker: Ever since the article regarding his incarceration came out described him as “More a primal savage than just a criminal” people have come to identify him as Priminal.
Age...?  People claim it’s 30
Birthday:  His birth certificate claims he was born on October 26th. But that date holds no special meaning to him.
Gender: Male
Alignment:  Due to extreme antisocial tendencies and violent behavior? He’s considered a villian.

Physical Attributes

Height:  Seven feet, eight inches, although he might appear less due to how much he crouchs.
Weight:  Three hundred and sixty five pounds.
Hair: Priminal has a giangantic, unruly mass of dark brown hair extending down to his waist which is so thick that it’s closer to fur than typical human hair. The length itself isn’t due to personal choice or preference, however. It’s simply that attempts by correctional facility staff to cut it are met with such extreme violence that such efforts are considered by now too much of a hassle. Oddly enough, while most of his body is rather hirsute, Priminal doesn’t appear to grow facial hair. Why? No one is certain, and no one is eager to get close enough to him to discover why.
Eyes: Bright Reddish-Brown. Due to interactions with other people stressing him out, they’re almost always bloodshot.
Physical Structure:
Clothing & Style: What sorts of clothes do they wear?

Psycological Profile


Quirk: Apex Primate.

Quirk Type: Mutant
Power of Ability: What exactly is your power capable of?


(Remember to put the different chapters in your Character's life into nice titles.)

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