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Alice "Oberon" Clearwater {Villain | Complete}

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Alice "Oberon" Clearwater {Villain | Complete} Empty Alice "Oberon" Clearwater {Villain | Complete}

Post by Gaia on Wed Nov 28, 2018 7:27 am

Alice "Oberon" Clearwater {Villain | Complete} C.C..240.1899990
Identity: OBERON

Name:  Alice Penelope Clearwater
Villain Name: Oberon
Age:  25
Birthday:  June 21
Gender:  Female
Alignment:  Villain

Physical Attributes

Height:  5'5"
Weight:  110 lbs
Hair: Alice's natural hair color was a pale blonde which she colored to green at the start of her hero training in order to better fit with her power's theme. Her hair has a fine texture, and save for bedhead, falls down to the middle of her back in straight locks. She keeps her bangs cut so that she can see, but other than that and the occasional trim, she leaves it to fall as it pleases unless necessity calls for otherwise.
Eyes:  As though to match her natural hair color, Alice's eyes are a pale gold. Often wide and attentive, though they can easily slip into a dozier state as her mind wanders to the various dreams and goals she has in mind. Her iris closes around her pupil in the shape of four clover leaves, as opposed to the usual circle.
Physical Structure: Alice would like to call herself willowy, just for the sake of keeping to her power's theme, but she simply doesn't have the height to pull off that description. Not to say she is waif-like, a correction she will automatically give when bemoaning that she can't call herself willowy. While sleight in stature, she does possess some modest curves to stand out as a woman. She doesn't have much by way of visible muscle mass, and save for her tattoos, her skin is quite clear of blemishes. The tattoos are flowers that appear to be sprouting from her bones at her left shoulder, the small of her back, and her right hip, as well as two lotus blossoms on the undersides of her wrists. All tattoos easily hidden from the prudish eyes of her boss for her boring office day job.
Clothing & Style: Alice is fond of dresses. Especially ones with floral or nature themes to them. Most of her wardrobe actually consists of dresses with just a few other selections available for sake of necessity. A set of business clothes for work, various coats for rain and cold, and three pairs of jeans and ten tees for the unfortunate eventuality that she can't spend her days off and vacations in one of her dresses.
Villain Outfit: Back when Alice was training to be a hero, she had a grand outfit in mind. Clothing woven from leaves and bark, a cap behind her of ivy and flowers, and a few berries in case she got hungry. On her head would be a crown of roses with sharp thorns hidden among them. She even made this outfit and used it for all of her provisional hero work.

When she quit just before graduation, she burned that outfit, and used the ashes to plant an oak seed from which she grew her new hero outfit. A simple wooden mask with a voice modulator attached. From this mask she will grow vines and ivy to secure the mask to her head as well as to wrap around her body and obscure her form.

Psycological Profile

Personality: People that like Alice describe her as focused and driven. People that don’t call her obsessive and maniacle. Both factions agree that Alice is a hero geek. She follows the hero statistics better than most people follow their favorite sports teams. Her sense of personal space is a little lacking, but it doesnt take much to remind her of the bubble so she backs off again. She is friendly and is willing to talk with anyone about anything for hours, even if she’s pulling suppositions from her ass. More than one person has made the mistake of asking her opinion on hero related matters.

Of course, even with her best efforts, she’s not perfectly happy all the time. She abhors surprises and when she sets a goalnor expectation and its not met or manifested, she’s been known to tone down her usual enthusiasm, or even start moping depending on the scale of the goal. A nap will usually fix this as she resolves to just try harder next time.
Motives: To make heroes better. In her honest opinion that she will not share with anyone who is not also a villain, heroes suck. Some are in it for themselves, some just want to be the best. Few just want to be in it to help people. Worse still, they are regulated. Bound by rules and laws that prevent them from acting to the fullest of their ability unless liscensed. They need to be liberated, and they need to get their acts together. Unfortunately, from what she’s learned from books, comics and tv, the only way to get that to happen is with the intervention of more powerful villains.

Quirk: Grand Gaia - God of The Forest

Quirk Type: Emitter
Power of Ability: Grand Gaia - God of The Forest, or GG for short, is a quirk that allows the user to manipulate plant life. Growing it, reshaping it, having trees sprout from oak boards, or cultivating a wooden sword or some other object from the bark of a tree. The quirk is primarily focused on woody plant life, trees, shrubs, and woody vines, greener plant life is still under the user’s sway to a lesser extent. The user is also unable to create poisonous plants or incorporate the poisonous nature of a woody plant, if any such exists, into their creations.

Power Weaknesses: Well, this power relies on wood for starters. Easily punchtured with high power rifle bullets, easily set alight when exposed to high heat, and brittle when dried out or frozen. The user also can’t work their powers on petrified wood, or wood that has been completely converted to charcoal. In addition, less obvious is the ties between the user’s stamina and the scale of their works. Making a flower bloom is nothing. Causing a field to bloom would leave them lightly winded for a few moments. Creating a forest could do anything from knock the user out for a day to outright kill the user if they attempt anything wider than half a kilometer without training. This exhausting effect is only magnified in areas where plant life of a woody nature normally cannot or should not grow if there are no sources present such as a cave or a barren field.


Surprisingly enough, most of the Clearwater family cared little for heroes. They had no interest in engaging with them, or with becoming one, even if their quirks were of sufficient strength or utility to become one. They were simple folk and used their quirks to aid in their simple farming life in those areas where technology or good old hard work was insufficient. Grandpa Clearwater, on the other hand, was every bit as much of a hero nerd as the granddaughter he would soon have, and spent his golden years filling her head with all sorts of hero media he had collected over the years. Much to the chagrin of Alice's parents.

If ever given a chance between taking her time with chores to do them right, or using her quirk to get them done quickly so she could spend more time listening to Grandpa, Alice chose the latter. She didn't even know the man was quirkless himself and even upon learning this during one of many arguments between Grandpa and her parents, she never considered her parent's position that Grandpa was just trying to live the life of a hero vicariously through her. Sure the old man encouraged her to pursue a hero liscence when she got older, but he rarely mentioned how proud he would be. The focus was always on how many people she could save. How much better the world would be if someone of her talents was protecting it.
It wasn't until the day before classes that Alice finally told her parents that she had, in fact, enrolled in a hero academy. They'd spent the time assuming that she was going to go to a nice normal highschool like her mother had, or just join them out in the fields immediately where her quirk had a fair amount of agricultural use. That evening was not a quiet or easy one, but after many hours and a few hoarse voices, they agreed to let her go. It may or may not have been implied that green plants and crops were not as easy to control with her quirk as woody plants, and that the training of a hero academy would strengthen this aspect. Alice to this day wishes she'd had the time to properly thank her grandfather for this little sleight of hand.

Once in the academy, Alice took to it with all the zeal she had to her little hero stat competitions with her grandfather. Every moment spent at school was like a dream to her. Learning from real heroes, training with classmates, exploring what it meant to be a hero, and displaying her skills for the world in the tournaments. The only thing she couldn't shake was the feeling that something was missing. Or wrong.

It wasn't uncommon for teachers to compliment those things that would be good to show off for a crowd over those things that would actually be more effective, if less flashy. Her quirk, the more she got in tune with it, was naturally quite showy when used and thus garnered the attention of the teachers over others who she felt had more useful utilities to their powers and were just as earnest as her to help people. Regulations became a hot button topic as a few students went out without licenses to take on some small fry and bring them in. Even though no one had been hurt, and no one would be hurt in the future, the students still got detention for doing it without teacher approval or a licensed hero with them.

In her eyes, the pursuit of being a hero had been corrupted. The so called heroes had forgotten what really mattered in their job. Only vigilantes like the three punished students seemed to really get it. People who were considered criminals themselves, even if no innocents were hurt by their actions.

And so Alice thought. And thought. And thought throughout the rest of her academy career. And then, during one of the last tournaments of the semester, she took a fall. She said her quirk had suddenly weakened from what it was. She could barely make a single sapling sprout from a seed anymore. It was more than embarrassing, but for her plan, it had to be done.
The next seven years were spent in a sort of exile. Her grandfather had already passed, so there really was no reason for her to return home after dropping out of the academy. Her education thus far was good enough for a desk job, so she took to that. She almost gave up on her plan a month in as desk work was even more boring to her than farming. Compounded by the fact that she couldn't use her quirk fully when in public ever again. Small flowers, a little help to a wilting plant, maybe healing a broken branch. But she was still capable of so much more. She kept her edge with secret practice, but nothing to her full capability. Nothing that would bring attention to her actions or give anyone the suspicion that her power was intact after all.

The years seemed to stretch on forever, but things were looking up. She had fully faded from the public eye. Her coworkers no longer saw the hero that choked. They just saw little Alice, toiling away at her desk full of small plants that shifted and swayed with her. Her parents stopped trying to bring her home. The doctors gave up trying to study her and help her regain her old strength. Gaia the Plant Hero was dead, and only little Alice remained. Which meant it was finally time for Oberon to take the stage.

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Post by Qrähe on Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:52 pm

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