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Character Classes

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Character Classes Empty Character Classes

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:31 pm

Character Basics
  • Your character must be approved to write threads unless otherwise given permission. Don’t expect special permission, this is usually reserved for long-standing members who have already spoken to staff.
  • You are welcome to create an unlimited number of characters, but if staff sees that all you are doing is making characters but never really using them we will likely ask you to simply make one and stick with it. Approving characters takes time and if you are wasting ours you are taking the attention others might need for their characters.
  • No canon characters from this or any other source material, original characters only.
  • You can participate in as many threads as you can handle or more if you so desire.

Roleplay Basics
  • No god modding, you don’t control what another character does. You control your character and your character alone. Even if a power may give you some limited control it doesn’t mean you determine any other characters actions.
  • No metagaming, seriously your character knows what they know. You shouldn’t bring in knowledge that they have no way of knowing prior to that thread. You want to know
  • No power gaming. Again you have to play fair and if you look at the mechanics and you should take a hit, take the hit. If you work it out with your thread partners to do things outside of the normal mechanics rules that’s cool as well, but don’t just decide that on your own.
  • Character death can and will happen if it’s earned or if the character’s owner gives their blessing. If this is not consensual then a death request must be made and approved. This will be a very serious request reviewed by staff and heavily scrutinized.

Character Classes
Hero Rankings are the method by which we measure and categorize characters, generally, the overall power and development of a character. Most characters start as new Heroes, which are basic and inexperienced characters. Becoming a Ranked Hero represents having some achievement with your character. Top 10 Heroes are reserved for excellent players strong enough to lead large organizations.

Moving beyond that is Prestige Class. A character can jump from any of the normal classes right into Prestige regardless of their Base GP if their character has developed enough to explain it and their performance with said character is of high enough quality. Prestige Class represents players good enough to be the elite.

Further past that still is the elite of the elite. These are the stuff legends at MHA:Origins is made of, the few and the proud. Ascended Class is reserved for the cream of the crop, the very best that our game has to offer. Not only must you be an exceptionally skilled writer and player but you must develop your character to a crescendo of growth to justify their ascension beyond mortal comprehension.

Classes by Base GP
Here are listed the various Character Classes and how Base GP is associated with each.

Low Class: Base GP between 700 and 1,000
Middle Class: Base GP between 1,000 and 3,000 [Two Week wait between similar requests]
High Class: Base GP between 3,000 and 6,000 [One Month wait between similar requests]
Prestige Class: This has no associated Base GP. You apply for Milestones like normal with a cap of 6,000 Base GP.
Ascended Class: This has no associated Base GP. You apply for Milestones like normal with no cap for Base GP.

Notice how each class is represented by a range? You can grow in that range by applying for a Milestone, which will award 500 GP to your Base GP. You may skip to Prestige or Ascended from lower Classes, but must otherwise climb the Base GP scale before applying for a full Rank Up. You do not have to spend any acquired Base GP right away, even once approved for it. Once approved it is yours to claim whenever you see fit.

To increase your Base GP, and eventually your Class, you must submit to us samples of your roleplaying via threads that you’ve participated in since your approval or last Milestone or Class Up submission. These must display increasingly quality posting as by the opinion of our Approval Staffer(s). Reaching for Prestige will have incredibly heavy quality constraints as compared to, say, looking to move from Low Class to Middle Class. Remember that these requests must include not only your improvement as a writer but the development of the character towards a more complete and refined individual, the progression of their own personal story within the overarching story of our fictional world. As such it is quite possible that a player may do exemplary with one character but have a completely poor performance with another.


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