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A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG]

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A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG] Empty A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG]

Post by Kireon on Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:57 am

Rainbow was once again the name of the game.

Seven colorful tulle skirts fluffed out, each longer than the last, to create a high-low hemline. At the edge of every skirt were colorful rhinestones painstakingly hand sewn into the fabric in varying shades of said skirt's color that caught the light from every angle and sent sparks of light dancing across her path and bedazzled the eyes of those who were unfortunate enough to glance her way. Frilly black and rainbow striped thigh high socks clung to her legs in a way that shouldn't have worked in the slightest and a sleeveless black top covered in rainbow colored sequins in the shape of a smiling cat face covered her torso and bulky rainbow colored jacket pilfered from a used clothing store made sure she wouldn't be cold. Puffy pigtail extensions teased to maximum height and her usual array of colorful make up, sequins at the corners of her eyes, and myriad of assorted colorful hair clips, bows, and other accessories scattered about her form made her a walking rainbow advertisement.

A good thing, really, because she was being paid to wear a brand new set of moving 'fox' ears in fuzzy rainbow striping in public. They were a little too rounded at the tips and small-- more like serval ears if she were being honest-- to be accurate but, hey, money was money and free advertising was free advertising. With strawberry bubblegum popped and snapped as close to in time with the beat of the music blasting in her ears, she was truly the pinnacle of blissful ignorance as she headed through the streets to her next destination.

At least, that'd been her initial plan.

Seeing a new ally, friend, and potential cohort with the most amazing rainbow hair she'd ever seen in her whole entire life outside of clearly doctored photographs just so happen to approach the same crossroad from the other end of the street, however, threw all those plans out the window in favor of rushing the newly spotted target with a shriek of delight. "Ohmigod your hair is the ultimate in fab! You gotta tell me who your stylist is, please please please PLEASE I'll, like, buy you a mocha or whatever you totes want for lunch but you gotta tell me your secret!"

The closer she got, the more excited she was. Just look at those locks! God, she didn't even see a hint of damage and it was beautiful. Whoever did his hair had to be paid an absolute fortune for their exact formula and process.


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A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG] Empty Re: A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG]

Post by Boxer on Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:30 pm

On west 47th street and 10th avenue, Aiden Anderson was enjoying the most perfect day for patrol. In his usual hero costume, the boy hero that had been steadily making a name for himself in the area was enjoying the fruits of his labor. Beautiful blue skies polka dotted with fluffy east coast clouds smiled down on him with warm rays of sunshine. The visible shirt portion of his unitard sparkled with the colors of the rainbow as the holofoil laced through it caught the light. The lenses of his welder goggles reflected a rainbow sheen. His hair as well, naturally gifted with those colors, shined in the afternoon rays. He was noticeable from every direction, like a hero should be, and felt as though the world was revolving around him at the moment. Beneath the cherry blossoms and amidst the laughter of Hell's Kitchen Park, the hero was truly enjoying the perfect day. That was until an overzealous fan ambushed the boy.

Though people had said it about him before, this girl was the definition of loud. Her clothes, her voice, the presence. The mantis shrimp hero felt his eyes squinting even beneath the welder goggles he wore. Sequins dazzled from one direction while rhinestones assaulted from the flank. Rainbows on top of rainbows and he was pretty sure that was once his jacket that she was wearing. She was probably very cute and good looking underneath but this surface was so thick with fan juice that the hero was having a PR nightmare just trying to keep eye contact on her. It was like she took Boxer's image, shoved it into a paint bomb, and let it explode all over herself. She even had it in her to yell at him as loud as she could.

The dorsal fins hidden beneath the boy's hair even shook as she screamed. The just of it all was that she wanted to know who his stylist was. She hadn't been the first to make the mistake of thinking this was an elaborate dye. Aiden's quirk was a mutation called Shrimp. He basically displayed the characteristics of various shrimp from around the world. The color scheme of his hair was derived from the peacock mantis shrimp. The shell of the shrimp displayed a rainbow of colors and so too did Aiden's hair. If he were skinned and cleaned you would see that his sub dermal shell also had the same color patterns. Morbid fun fact about Hell's Kitchen's hardest working rookie hero. There was an interesting offer in there though, she offered him lunch if he disclosed the secret. Well... it wasn't too deceitful if he took her up on that.

”Alright,” He spoke in a normal voice as he reached to pluck the earbuds from her face. ”I'll tell you if you treat me to lunch at Totto Ramen.” It was a fine noodle establishment known for it's paitan that was about to open in half an hour's time. They wouldn't be serving the seafood Boxer needed but the bone marrow stock was good enough.

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A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG] Empty Re: A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG]

Post by Kireon on Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:58 pm

At the mention of ramen, Touko's lightning-pink lashes parted impossibly wide; the vibrant gold-green of her eyes large and shining as though she'd just met an entity who would do nothing but grant her every last wish with a mere snap of their fingers. "You like ramen?" Her voice, loud as it had been, was a neat and tidy stage whisper-- as though any louder and the entire fate of the universe would be at stake should such a secret be revealed.

"Like real ramen? Not like, cup noodle 'ramen', but the real thing?" She knew, vaguely, that her mom's friends and family had volunteered to take her to try some of what they claimed was 'authentic' Japanese cuisine. She'd told them she'd think on it and get back to them, not wanting to be super rude but not wanting to... well, have to diss the chef and send an SOS to her dad to help her bring true Taste to the American people. Her hands, clenched into fists, pressed against her rainbow painted lips in delight. Light bounced off the rhinestones decorating her pastel rainbow nails as she tried her best, and failed, not to wriggle in delight at her new friend and ally in the rainbow community being right in front of her and so, like, agreeable on top of it!

A whole lot of people there in NYC were just, like, so Western chic bordering on stereotypically English it was funny to her. Except for the rude ones. And there were apparently like only two types of people there in NYC too at that; rude and chic. Never in between or anything else.

Until now anyway.

A comrade had fallen neatly from the heavens themselves to plant him directly at her side in her time of need. A man around her age who was into kuroi niji at that and probably cornered the market for the masses there in the USA. Maybe Harry could help him with more gigs too, they could totally set something up for him and add him to the team. A guy representative would be a great business opportunity and she could get Harry to have more friends too!

Omigod this was literally the best day ever.

"Done deal! Let's go go go!" The headphones, plucked as they were, fell neatly to her shoulders as she danced from one foot to the other and jammed one fist into the sky in celebration. "I haven't, like, had good ramen in forever and I'm so here for it. Tell me about yourself by the way, I gotta know more about you and your awesome style; it's been forever and a year since I met someone into kuroi niji, much less a guy at that!"


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A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG] Empty Re: A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG]

Post by Boxer on Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:40 pm

The girl was elated to the extreme at the suggestion of ramen and more so to the fact that Aiden enjoyed the meal as well. He would hate to disappoint her by mentioning there were other meals he enjoyed more; like a nice Cajun broil spread out across the table. So he remained silent and attempted to lead the girl by walking on. She followed, of course, since she gave off the air of the blissfully ignorant sort. Happily talking out loud about what was going on as she strolled beside him. She made mention of a unique word that Aiden hadn't heard before as she asked for details about the boy hero. “Kuroi niji.” The more interesting thing that was brought up was that Aiden's assumption about this girl was wrong. She wasn't a fan. She didn't even know who he was.

“I'm a hero.” The young man said matter-of-factually. ”I'm actually the hero of Hell's Kitchen.” Quick to correct himself, Aiden remember to put on his persona. He is in costume after all. ”I work with the NYPD to take down organized crime with a heavy focus on this area. Hell's Kitchen is my stomping ground and I aim to make it safe with more days like this one.”

A puffed up chest and a proud smile as the boy took credit for the sun in the sky and the blue in the air. Aiden lead the two down a couple of blocks until they reached the restaurant. Totto Ramen- a sleek place with a black framed front decorated by white lanterns and a gold lettered sign of the namesake. The glass door opens into a fairly small establishment that only had about six tables and a long bar circling the open kitchen. Aiden elected to sit at the bar and invited the girl to join him.

”So tell me, who are you and what keeps you here?”

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A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG] Empty Re: A Rainbow Sea of Disaster [Closed/Group/PG]

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