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Douglas Crowley {Vigilante | Complete}

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Douglas Crowley {Vigilante | Complete} Empty Douglas Crowley {Vigilante | Complete}

Post by Rhapsody on Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:00 pm

Douglas Crowley {Vigilante | Complete} Kanda.Yuu.240.631257
Identity: MIASMA

Name:  Douglas Exavier Crowley | Yamiyo Moya (Name mother uses)
Vigilante Name: Miasma
Age:  26
Birthday:  October, 31st
Gender:  Male
Alignment:  Vigilante

Physical Attributes

Height:  5'10"

Weight: 155 lbs

Hair: Douglass' hair is straight and dark with a blue sheen to it in the light. The length is kept only to his shoulders so that it can be easily managed and restrained. While normally he keeps it unbound and parted down the middle to let it fall around his face, when working, training, or engaging in anything that requires his focus, he binds it up into a short ponytail behind his head.

Eyes:  Douglas inherited the shape of his eyes from his mother, having a definitive almond shape. The color however is definitively his fathers, a deep forest green. While most of the time he looks to be half asleep and not paying attention, when something catches his interest they will seem to glow with a mischievous light.

Physical Structure: The son of a wealthy doctor, Douglas did not want for personal trainers or the most expensive and healthy foods. In addition, he was tutored in martial arts which further shaped his body growing up. Not skinny or overtly muscular, Douglas is lean but well defined. His martial arts teachers focused on agility and precision over unnecessary power, leaving him light on his feet and still able to hit where it counts. Due to the physical changes of his mother's mutation-type quirk being passed on to him, Douglas has a series of two inch long slits or vents running down either side of his spine in a diagonal row from between his shoulder blades to his tailbone, as well as circular vents in the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet about the size of a quarter. These holes are part of his respiratory system, and he can alternate between using them all or a select few to breathe at will after years of practice.

Clothing & Style: Most of the time when out and about, Douglas prefers more obscuring clothing. Baggy shirts and jeans, loose fitting hoodies, and baseball caps. While most of the time he would prefer to go barefoot, he will even wear some light sneakers just for the purpose of putting as much distance between his civilian appearance, and the appearance of his villain persona, Miasma.

Vigilante Outfit: Douglas' outfit does not have any special attributes on it's own. Mainly it consists of a form-fitting, open-backed sleeveless top, loose black cotton pants with the ends securely wrapped around his ankles, and a black lower face mask. Around his waist he has a utility belt of sorts, containing lock picks, glass breaking hammers, and small canisters of the gas produced by his quirk. He also keeps a combat knife secured to the back of the belt, but rarely pulls it except for maintenance. The comparisons one can make between his outfit and depictions of a certain class of spies, assassins and saboteurs hailing from the east are usually ignored.

Psycological Profile

Personality: Lethargic. It is not a matter of Douglas finding the energy to get up in the morning or accomplish tasks. Rather, he is lethargic towards his life as a whole. He will show energy, dedication, interest. All the hallmarks of what, from the outside, appears to be a healthy individual. He will pay lip service to goals and such that others wish to hear of from him, but it is all a lie. A rather carefully constructed one that he half believes himself, but a lie nonetheless. Part of would happily spin his wheels and remain in place forever if allowed to, which makes the relentless march of the world something of a nuisance to those parts. Other parts wish to improve and take charge, and for the moment it is these aspects of him which have the reigns.

He has been known to joke with, tease, and even outright taunt friends, allies, rivals and enemies in equal measure. And of course he has been known to lie to them. Not frequently to those he considers friends, but just as easily as he would to his enemies. Despite this, he can be considered loyal. Even if he might not give them the whole truth, or the truth at all, he will not act in a manner he believes will lead to the direct harm of those he cares for. Knowing this, and knowing what he does, it is a pool he makes efforts to keep exceedingly shallow.

Motives: Growth. To change and grow as a person. Overcome his lethargy and find purpose in his life. Something he wants to do. Somewhere he wants to go. A goal for himself not bound by the expectations of others. For the moment though, to simply pick up his life and do something with it any further than he already has is too much effort on his part. Baby steps are needed, and he's always learned best by example.

Quirk: Dark Smoke

Quirk Type: Emitter

Power of Ability: Dark Smoke is an emitter type quirk that is centered around Douglas' respiratory system. At will he can exhale a rolling black smoke instead of normal carbon dioxide. This smoke does not reflect light, and in high enough concentrations in the air, it makes it extremely difficult to see. Douglas can somewhat control the smoke, forming it into basic shapes or controlling it's spread.

However, the real property of the smoke is what it does to sound. The smoke creates an effect similar to sound proofing a room. When set against the walls, ceiling and floor of a room, no sound can pass beyond it. When floating in the air as a thick mist, sound is killed entirely within it's area of effect. While it is no more dangerous to breathe the smoke for short periods of time than gasses like helium, inhalation can cause momentary blindness and deafness, either compounding the disorienting effects of the smoke in the air, or causing it to continue for a few seconds even after one has left the smoke.

In the air, the smoke dissipates within thirty minutes unless replenished by Douglas. If contained, it can be stored for up to a week before it starts to break down and lose potency. Up to a month if stored in a cold environment.

Ability Weakness: This quirk is not without its downsides. The most obvious is that if Douglas cannot breathe, he cannot use his quirk. He can hold his breath for a fairly long time thanks to his physiology, but he needs to exhale in order to use his quirk. If he exhales, he has to inhale. Another downside is that trying to create too much smoke too quickly would require he breathe very fast, and risk hyperventilation. Passing out in the middle of battle is a loss outright. Finally, the smoke is weak to high levels of heat. In summer, during the day the smoke lasts only half as long on average, and heat on par with an open flame will break the smoke down immediately.


Born to Alexander Crowley and Yamiyo Kannon, Douglas had all the potential of a bright future ahead of him.

While not an officially licensed hero, Alexander Crowley was a boon to the heroes and medicine in general. His quirk allowed him to generate a mist that accelerated the regeneration of his patients' bodies, allowing them to recover from injuries in a fraction of the normal time, and minimized the scarring of those who required stitches from surgery or injury.

His mother Yamiyo Kannon, on the other hand, was an official hero known as Air Canon. A successful hero with a quirk that allowed her to build up air pressure within her body and release it explosively, either to augment her movement, or as a mid range attack. She also had a short run as an idol as her quirk gave her the lung capacity to sing for far longer than most of the competition.

When Douglas was born, the two of them assumed he would have a quirk relating to his mother's since he inherited the physical aspect of her quirk. She thought this was good enough reason for him to take her family name and a name she chose. Alexander, being a prominent doctor at the hospital Douglas was born at, pulled rank to get his decision for the name on the birth certificate. Though, not without the promise to change it later should Douglas indeed inherit his mother's quirk.
With as friendly wager going on the fate of Douglas' name on the line, his mother did everything in her power to try and coax her quirk out of her son. She had tutors teach him how to play the saxophone to establish breath control and teach circular breathing through the myriad of options her mutation provided. She also, with Alexander's minimal warning, brought in martial arts teachers in addition to her own tutoring so that her son would be able to fight alongside her.

Alexander, on the other hand, focused on his son's mental development. He was expecting Douglas to develop a power similar to his. Something that would focus on healing others. He would take Douglas to work whenever possible, and have his son sit and watch nearby while he diagnosed patients and wrote prescriptions, as well as when he went into surgeries or helped people recover through use of his quirk.

Both parents stressed to Douglas the importance of finding a way to help others that only he could do, and pursuing that until the end. A lot of pressure to put on a three year old.

The problem was, once Douglas' quirk manifested when he had a cold at age four, neither of his parents knew what to do about it. He clearly didn't produce the healing mists like his father, but nor could he create air blasts like his mother. In the end, they merely continued on with stressing the paths they'd decided for him. His father ran various tests on the gas Douglas produced, trying to discover a medical use for it, while his mother continued his hero training with the thought that he would still be able to fight villains and save people with his unique ability.

In the private school he was sent to, Douglas did finally discover a way to help others. Or at least he thought he did. When the class got to rowdy and loud, he would "playfully" blow smoke rings at the loudest offenders, reducing the noise for a moment, and clearing it quickly so that the teacher could take charge. This didn't put him in the good graces of the popular kids growing up, but his teachers were willing to look the other way at the use of his quirk since it helped them keep order.

This changed once Douglas entered high school. His mother got her way, and Douglas entered a hero academy rather than a standard high school. Frustrated that he had no plans for the future of his own but unable to confront his parents, Douglas began to act out. Cutting class, using his smoke to conceal certain acts committed by himself and other students, and even outright lying to his parents about where he went and what he did. A phase that they were assured he would grow out of and either go to college or take the hero exams to become a proper hero and work with his mother.
When Alexander and Kannon woke to find their son missing from the house, they didn't think much of it. He'd taken to going on morning runs without his mother or tutors. He usually got home before breakfast, or would send a text that he went to get breakfast with some friends. When neither their son nor the text came, they began to worry. Calls immediately went to voicemail, and the gps on his phone had been disabled. Alexander wanted to contact the authorities immediately, but Kannon rationalized that with his physical skills and quirk, their son was one of the most difficult individuals to kidnap for a seventeen year old.

By the time she finished going through the laundry list of 'friends' and even some of the teacher's numbers to see if anyone had seen her son, it was too late. The only thing they could do was wait and hope that something like a ransom letter came. Though his allies would have loved to send one just for the chance of squeezing a little extra money out of his parents. As much as Douglas had been able to funnel from his allowance and lift from his parents, it wasn't enough for the band of likewise disenfranchised misanthropes he had been spending his days and evenings with. Douglas only held them back from trying by reminding them that his mother was a professional hero and had been the one to teach him all his 'sick ninja skills'. Sending a ransom letter was only going to get the lot of them caught.

The problem of drilling it into your son's head that he should pursue his unique means of helping others to the exclusion of almost all else came when your son figured out that the way he could help others wasn't exactly through legal means.

With all the stupid confidence and inexperience of a coddled rich kid, Douglas went walking face first into the wall of reality that even in a world of heroes, villains did still exist, as well as those caught in between. The wrong friends can get you caught up in the middle of a gang war with nothing to do but fight. His talent for ending fights quickly without killing and general athleticism got him recognition and unwanted responsibility. He was told that with his skills, he could help the local gang lord take over and bring peace to the turbulent underbelly of the cities where heroes didn't bother going.

He'd tried to ask his parents about gangs and how heroes handled those crimes too messy or not glamorous enough for the flashy and famous heroes. At every turn he was rebuffed either told that he needed to focus on his studies or that he would just have to remember to do something about it when he became a hero. Finally fed up with it all, he followed the example of several other members of the gang. He grabbed all the money he could, and ran away from home to devote his life to the gang, and the idea of peace that the gang lord promised.
Smartly, the gang leader Doomfist kept the impressionable but useful rich boy on the fringes of the operation. Douglas was fed lies as easily as he had learned to give them out, and made to work at first as just a scout. Someone who would go out, sneak around, get information, then come back. He would find high end businesses, drug drops of other gangs, possible hideouts and the like. All done under the pretense of liberating areas captured by other gangs, interrupting their criminal activities, and convincing their members to leave the gang life, or join the liberating force. He was never allowed to participate in any fighting beyond that initial brawl he'd been discovered in.

Doomfist tried to ease Douglas into the truth of what he was doing. Brutally dispatching all other gangs in the area and taking over their criminal operations to grow in power and prestige so that he could call himself a proper Villain. It was a hard sell, and Doomfist had the sense to back off whenever it looked like Douglas was starting to catch on without coming around to his side, and would distract him with some mission or task that suddenly came up. Unfortunately for him, Douglas had never been duped in the first place.

Even as Doomfist waged his brutal war of conquest over the other gangs, Douglas moved to sabotage both sides and ensure that innocents were never in harms way. Doomfist would find enemy drug caches, but they would start turning up empty or be raided by the police after they had been fully integrated into Doomfist's system. Enemy gang members would be waiting for Doomfist's men to come for them, leading to losses for both sides. Money would go missing from enemy gangs, only to turn up in the hands of Doomfist's men, leading to more conflict during times where the two sides could least afford it.

Douglas mixed up his target list, sabotaging the scouting discoveries of others as much as his own in equal measure. Even as Doomfist thought he grew stronger with territory acquisition, his resources were spread thinner and thinner, hampered at every turn by whatever boogieman, or boogie-men had suddenly descended on his underworld. And when the gang leader thought he was at the height of his power?When he thought he was ready to take on the heroes as a true villain? The heroes found him and his gang members first, and Douglas was nowhere to be found.

Of course, he couldn't go back to his parents now. He had not kept his hands wholly clean, and risked being considered a villain by them should he tell the truth. So with one status quo abandoned, and the other recently self destructing, he needs to find a new place and situation to spin his wheels while he decides what he really wants to do with his life.

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