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Percy Pickman, Hero (Sidekick), AKA: Radarange

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Percy Pickman, Hero (Sidekick), AKA: Radarange

Post by Radarange on Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:55 pm

Pleased to meet you. I'm-

Name: Percy Pickman
Hero Name: Radarange, the "Riot Hero"
Age:  23
Birthday:  October 08, 1995
Gender:  Male
Alignment:  Hero

Check out the costume! The agency did such a great job.

Height:  5' 7"
Weight:  160 lbs
Hair Style: Percy's hair is a medium length, covering his ears to an extent and falling into messy bangs, but stopping short of his shoulders.
Hair Color: A sandy-brown color, too desaturated to be considered "blond."
Eyes (Normal):  Green, with a cyan halo that borders reptile-like pupils.
Eyes (Quirk Active): Predominately filled by the pupil. The green iris is pushed to the outer edges of Percy's eye, while the cyan halo becomes a focal ring in the center.
Physical Structure: Percy's build is incredibly average. He's more athletic than your every day couch potato, but he lacks the body-builder-esque physiq of most heroes.
Clothing and Style: Comfortable in graphic t-shirts (mostly of his favorite bands), layered with button downs, jackets, and hoodies. Usually wears jeans and sneakers a decade out of style.
Hero Outfit: As Radarange, Percy dons a very a functional, utilitarian jumpsuit crafted from obscenely vibrant colors. His helmet is reminiscent of a tube television, displaying his eyes and expression. Functionally, the helmet aids Percy in filtering and focusing his radiation. Percy is fond of wearing a bomber jacket with his hero garb on occasion.

I want to be a hero because-

Pensive- Percy isn't the most outspoken individual, but despite the common assumption, it isn't always because he's afraid to say his peace. Rather, Percy spends a lot of time thinking to himself. Introspection before he acts sometimes slows him down, but often helps him to make decisions that he can be confident in.
Genial- More than anything else, Percy is a genuine person. What you see with him is exactly what you get. He doesn't pretend to be nice. He doesn't pretend to care. He doesn't make bold claims about what he'll become or try to hype up what he is. He's honest, and honestly, just here to help out.
Friendly- Percy has a warm and disarming smile. His friendly demeanor tends to win people over and set tensions at ease.
Passive- Unfortunately, Percy is not a very driven person. He's not even exceptionally interested in becoming a full-fledged hero. He's happy enough as things are, and is afraid of pushing past that point.
Motives: Percy works to take care of himself and his mother. Hero work is more than a job for him, but it being a job is his primary motivation for doing it. He'd help people with or without the cowl, but helping people as a hero has the bonus of covering his needs.

I've been training hard. Let me show you!

Quirk: Microwave
Quirk Type: Emitter
Power Description: Percy is capable of emitting microwave radiation through his pupils. He activates the power by raising a clear, secondary set of eyelids which filter the radiation out, and can vary the intensity with the dialation of his pupils. At low levels, Percy can cause discomfort and interfere with electrical equipment. At higher levels, the quirk causes burns to organic materials and electrical arcing between metal surfaces. The radiation itself is entirely invisible. Only the effects of the attack can be seen.

Where I'm from? Ah, you don't care about that, haha.

Percy was born and raised across the Atlantic North-East. His family moved often, traveling from state to state in New England. His father's work as a reporter was flexible, and mostly a hobby in those days. Percy's mother, the primary breadwinner, was then known as the hero "Bokken," and her services were in high demand. Hero agencies with competing offers dragged the small family all around the eastern seaboard for the first five years of Percy's life, until a villain did as all good villains do, and took Percy's father hostage as leverage against the woman who loved him.

Bokken was a heroine known for her ability to disarm her opponent at lightning speed, but she was unable to save her husband when her skills mattered the absolute most.
Percy's mother, Adelaide, was not accustomed to raising a child. She struggled early on, but did everything that she could. They lived a comfortable life using the money that she had tucked away as Bokken and her husband's life insurance policy. Settling into the suburbs of the city, Percy was free to live a normal life, away from the limelight that his mother's career had previously drawn.

As a boy, little Pickman was excited to become a hero, to help others as his mother had. He was undeterred by the loss of his father. He never blamed his mother's career as a hero for that pain in his chest. The world was cruel. There were villains out there that wanted to hurt people, and he wanted to save them from that.


In high school, Percy relied more on his studies than the strength of his quirk. He attended an academy where he could make use of his power at his mother's behest, but the boy had already solemnly sworn to himself that he would take care of Adelaide himself. With her vision destroyed, gone was Percy's drive for heroism and glory. In its place, he had fostered a strong work ethic, a determination to care for their needs. Whatever career path that might require, he'd take it. But to be honest, he'd never have expected that hero work would still be a reasonable option.

He was happy, of course. It was nice to be able to help people out, to aid famous heroes, and to pay their bills. But at the end of the day, Percy was predominately just happy that he had work, that his mother was otherwise healthy, and that they had a home. He was comfortable there. And at very least, on the surface, he was content.

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Re: Percy Pickman, Hero (Sidekick), AKA: Radarange

Post by Radarange on Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:18 am


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Re: Percy Pickman, Hero (Sidekick), AKA: Radarange

Post by Qrähe on Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:57 pm


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Re: Percy Pickman, Hero (Sidekick), AKA: Radarange

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